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215 Tested

January 6, 2015


‘Nough said.

Inside Fishtown’s Abandoned Power Plant

January 5, 2015


(Yes, that’s fog coming into the top of the building. It was a beautiful, incredibly foggy day.)

There’s probably not much more I can say about this building that hasn’t already been said. In fact, not that much has changed since Noah Levey explored the building back in 2013. Well, except for the fact that there’s much more graffiti, naturally!

I can’t help thinking what an incredible museum space this building would make. And it seems I’m not the only Philadelphian with this idea. In an article posted last fall announcing that the plant’s owner, Exelon Corp., was putting it up for sale, Inga Saffron noted that “London’s Tate Modern was carved out of the Bankside Power Station on the Thames.” Adding, “Its soaring turbine hall has proved perfect for large-scale and interactive art displays. That’s the kind of art venue Philadelphia now lacks.”

Whatever happens to the building, I do have two hopes: 1) That it isn’t torn down. As I hope you can see in these photos, the building is an absolute treasure to the City of Philadelphia. 2) And to that point, I hope it can become a public space of some sort (not condos), so that every Philadelphian can enjoy it.

MORE photos below! Read more…

Love Stinks

December 26, 2014


LOVE this! (Spotted in Fishtown.)


December 26, 2014


Found some great stickers this week… Check out Instagram (HERE) to learn more about the artists in that top photo!

Streets Dept’s Top Posts of 2014

December 23, 2014

Every year around this time I like to pull together a list of the most read/viewed posts of that year. It gives me a chance to not only reflect on the year, but helps me put the year in some perspective with regards to what y’all are interested in. Hope you enjoy…


10) Pyramid Oracle Installs in North Philly and Northern Liberties


Had the pleasure of meeting and shooting New York-based (for now) artist, Pyramid Oracle, in September as he put up some new work in North Philly and Northern Liberties… Check out all the photos HERE!

9) Blek Le Rat Visits Philly!


That time the Father of Stencil Graffiti put up in Midtown Village.

8) But Really Though: Why Was This Wall Buffed?


Simple question, not so simple answer… Read the whole story HERE.

7) New Ben Volta Mural Outside Union Transfer


So good! This stunning new Ben Volta mural went up last May outside Union Transfer at 11th and Spring Garden thanks to Mural Arts.

6) Butter And Salmon Says “Hi” 


Love love LOVE all the work Butter And Salmon has put up this year!

Read more…

“Hi” from Butter And Salmon

December 23, 2014


Next time you’re taking the El from Girard to Spring Garden be sure to look out for Butter And Salmon saying “Hi”… LOVE this!

WRDSMTH in Philly

December 1, 2014


Had the opportunity to hang out with LA artist, WRDSMTH, last week as he came to town to install TONS of new work around the city.

On our outing (all the photos above) we hit up Bella Vista, the Italian Market, and Washington Square West, but WRDSMTH was in town for about a week, so there’s plenty more pieces elsewhere!


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