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Kid Hazo Irons Out Some Dirty Laundry at City Hall

September 29, 2014


Yesterday was “Laundry Day” in Philadelphia, and while you were getting your work week wears ready for Monday, Kid Hazo was finally putting that Monopoly iron across the street from City Hall to good use!

Be sure to check out this piece – as well as many more equally clever installations – at Kid Hazo’s first-ever solo show opening this Friday, October 3rd at LMNL Gallery at Bluecadet from 7-9PM… See y’all there!

Check out all of Kid Hazo’s Philly street sign installations HERE.

Pyramid Oracle Installs in North Philly and Northern Liberties

September 24, 2014


Had the pleasure of meeting and shooting New York-based (for now) artist, Pyramid Oracle, as he put up some new in North Philly and Northern Liberties over the weekend.

Pyramid Oracle has been putting up work in Philly for about a year now. Each of his wheatpastes are individually hand-painted, as you can see in the first few photos above, which I think helps to add so much to the final paste… Absolutely LOVE his work!

Check out Pyramid Oracle’s Instagram HERE for more shoots of the work he installed around town over the last week.

VIDEO: Cory J Popp Premiers New ‘Wastelands’ Series Documenting Abandoned Philadelphia, Episode I Features Exploration with Me

September 18, 2014

So incredibly honored, first of all, to be filmed by Cory J Popp. He is without a doubt one of the best at this. Absolutely LOVE his videos, most recently the one he did with Mike Smith, as well as the one with Billy Cress and Austin Hodge… Cory’s a genius!

That said, I’m SUPER excited to announce the premier of Cory’s new 4-part series titled ‘Wastelands,’ documenting the world of urban exploration… The first episode of which features me, and I’d be honored if y’all took a look (above!)

As Philadelphia’s abandoned spaces continue to draw me in, I’m happy to have this opportunity to share some of my thoughts on why they seem to inspire me so much.


(Photos by Cory J Popp)

Check out more of my, and many contributing photographers’, photos exploring Abandoned Philadelphia HERE.

Be Right Back!

September 2, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 9.13.23 PM

Hey guys,

I will be on vacation, traveling/exploring Western Texas and New Mexico for the next 2 weeks… Follow me on Instagram (click here) to follow along! Hoping to find some really great stuff – especially in Marfa, Texas.

Updates to this here blog will begin again as soon as I’m back!

HAHA x Paradigm Art Project Creates 3 Awesome New Murals in Queen Village

September 1, 2014


Three lovely new installations by three awesome artists along Bainbridge street this weekend (between 3rd and 5th in Queen Village) thanks to the HAHA x Paradigm Art Project!

Pieces are by Kelly KozmaCalo Buscanigua, and My Dog Sighs respectively… LOVE these!

My Dog Sighs Installs All Around Philly

September 1, 2014


This past weekend, UK artist, My Dog Sighs, was invited to Philly by the HAHA x Paradigm art project to create an installation along with two Philly-based artists in Queen Village, as well as to create the mural below at 2nd and Poplar in Northern Liberties.

Naturally, however, My Dog Sighs found some time to install a number more pieces, including four of his famous tin cans, in different spots all around the city. (Not naming locations at the artists request.) And, to my delight, I got to follow him around and photograph the whole thing.

Come back anytime, My Dog Sighs!


Kid Hazo Installs at Spruce Street Harbor Park

September 1, 2014


Went along with the continually inspiring Kid Hazo this week as he teamed up with the Delaware River Waterfront to install this new fitting ‘No Fishing’ piece at Spruce Street Harbor Park – which, by the way, is now open until September 28th!

Check out all of Kid Hazo’s Philly street sign installations HERE!


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