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Kid Hazo Gives Those Visit Philly Ads A Run for Their Money

June 16, 2014


LOVE these!

Kid Hazo installed a new series this past Sunday morning along Chestnut street between Broad and 18th that plays on those ubiquitous Visit Philly ads…

In case you need a little help cracking the ‘Dear Street Art Lovers’ one: We got Tagged Up Elephants (Cornbread), Sticker Characters (The Sticky Bandits), Black and white paper cut outs (Joe Burochow), Yarn bombed stuff (Ishknits) , stick dudes (Stikman), Mythical Animal Murals (NoseGo), Braille Art (Sonia and Austin), Conspiracy Street tiles (Toynbee Tiles) AND Ben Franklin wheat paste stencily janws (Get Up Art).

Check out all of Kid Hazo’s Philly street sign installations HERE!

But Really Though: Why Was This Wall Buffed?

May 22, 2014

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A few weeks ago, a wall next to the El on Front street in Fishtown was worked on by a group of super talented graffiti writers. The guys were out working on the wall for hours. In full daylight. Presumably with the permission of the garage owner next door. (In fact, I really can’t see how these guys could have worked on this wall for as long as they did without the permission of the wall’s owner. It’s possible, yes, but really unlikely, in my opinion.)

Then, less than 5 days after it was put up, the wall was buffed… But why?

The wall was fucking BEAUTIFUL. I honestly wish I had taken more photos of it when I happened to see it. And as I say, it was put up in the middle of the day, under no secrecy, so I have to assume the owner of the building was more than cool with it.

I don’t know, it just seems unlikely that the owner asked for it to be buffed. But, if that was the case, so be it… On the other hand, if the city just randomly buffed this wall, then that’s something else entirely.

One commenter on Instagram mentioned that whether or not the building’s owner gave their permission, that a piece of this size would need a permit. Does anyone know if that’s true?

Whatever the case may be, I was really sad to see all this fantastic work go.

HUGE New Gane and Texas in Eraserhood

May 20, 2014


LOVE this!

New Ben Volta Mural Outside Union Transfer

May 20, 2014


LOVE this!

Congrats to Ben Volta on this stunning mural going up outside Union Transfer at 11th and Spring Garden… Right behind THIS mural!

New Kid Hazo in Old City: Inebriated Zone

May 20, 2014


Blaahaha… Classic Kid Hazo!

Now, I can think of at least a few more places this could be installed…

Check out all of Kid Hazo’s Philly street sign installations HERE!

Could There Soon Be A Second Magic Gardens in Philly? Inside Isaiah Zagar’s Rarely Seen Watkins Street Studio!

May 14, 2014


Tucked inside a former two-story parking garage in South Philly, today lives the nearly complete studio of one of Philadelphia’s most esteemed and exciting artists, Isaiah Zagar!

A project that has been slowly building, piece by piece, for the better part of a decade, Isaiah Zagar’s Watkins Street studio could one-day be a second Magic Gardens of sorts, but as of today, the studio is not open to the public.

Alas, Isaiah and his team are hopeful that opening this space to the public could soon be a reality, but some final details on the building are still being made. And, as they say, neither Rome, nor Magic Gardens, were built in a day…

In the meantime, I hope you can enjoy some of the photos I was able to take after being invited to tour the space – such an honor! More photos…  Read more…

I AM HERE: A Group Exhibition of Philadelphia Artists That Exhibit Both On and Off White Walls

May 13, 2014


SUPER excited and honored to announce that I’ll be showing photos apart of a fantastic group exhibition this summer with some amazing – and truly iconic – Philadelphians: Cornbread (yes, THE Cornbread), Joe Boruchow, Kid Hazo, Ishknits and Isaiah Zagar!

The show is titled “I Am Here,” and it’s guest curated by Sara McCorriston of Paradigm Gallery + Studio, along with Ginger Rudolph of HAHA Magazine.

Show opens THIS Friday, May 16th, from 6:30–10:00pm at James Oliver Gallery (723 Chestnut Street – 4th Floor), and will go through August 2nd, with a few events in-between yet to be announced!

Prints of all my photos will also be available for sale (which is the first time I’ve ever sold prints of my photos, so I’m really excited about that too.)

Hope to see y’all out this Friday!


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