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I guess I used to be a kid or something

February 8, 2011


Had dinner at my parent’s house last night and left with a few choice reclaimed memories of childhood coupled with the ever more palpable awareness that I was, in fact, born a gay. Among the salvaged artifacts of a Conrad once known simply as Joey, sometimes Jojo (I was, if you didn’t know, born Joseph Conrad Benner Jr., but landed on Conrad as the name I liked to be called somewhere in high school, probably to sound cool or something) were a few year books from my elementary years of education at Holy Name. I’m the boy sans glasses in the photo above, and the flaming wise man in a 3rd grade nativity scene in the photo below.


Priceless… By the way, is that like my first blog post ever?

My mom also gave me THIS, for which I will forever be greatful.

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  1. February 8, 2011 4:33 pm

    Adorable! Although I’m not sure how I feel about your dropping that very cool first name. ;-)


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