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Rooftop Point Breeze Party

April 13, 2011


So I have some friends that own a house in Point Breeze, and they just sent me this invitation to a rooftop party this Friday, April 15th (from 5pm-9pm) to celebrate the conclusion of a month long Moratorium debate. Which, if you didn’t know, was basically an anti-gentrification movement that was/is growing in the Point Breeze neighborhood that pushed for legislation against the building of new homes taller then 2-stories and tried to make it illeagal to have a roof deck. The whole thing is so crazy.

As someone who grew up in Fishtown–well before Johnny Brenda’s rolled in–and whose parents still live in the same house they’ve lived in for nearly 30 years (albeit next to a lovely young artist couple now), I can tell you that the improvement of a neighborhood is never a bad thing. My dad can attest to that. A fire alarm inspector for 35+ years, he’s had no problems building great relationships with his newer, younger, artist neighbors. They both pick up each others packages when the other’s not home. They both watch each others dogs when the other goes away for a weekend. You know, basic neighbor/friend shit. It’s beautiful or whatever.

Seriously though, Philadelphia is on the upswing. Our population is finally  growing (after 60 years!) and so yes, some older neighborhoods that have remained nearly the same for a looong time are going to be introduced to new people who want to call it home. This is not a disaster. We don’t have to push people out of neighborhoods that have plenty of available homes for sale. People can live together. Damn, y’all.

(Why am I getting all preachy?) Just go to this party!!

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