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K!d Hazo Introduces New ‘Rogue Rocky Route’

July 2, 2013


(Photo courtesy of Kid Hazo)

K!d Hazo has been killing it lately! From the artist…

“Bike signs clearly aren’t useful if you’re Rocky, so I made one for him to make sure he doesn’t get lost on his quest to victory! This is on 25th and Spruce streets, right before the Schuylkill River Trail. It’s basically made to excite and confuse tourists, any maybe some Philadelphians too.”

And in case you were curious, K!d Hazo assures me that the mileage of each location is accurate to the fictional or non-fictional destination in the movie from 25th and Spruce… Nice!

Check out all of K!d Hazo’s Philly street sign installations HERE!

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