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Very excited to officially tell you that the Streets Dept Podcast is back for a third Season, and this season’s got a big old twist: we’re road tripping for Season 3, y’all!

But let’s back up for a second for those who might not remember and for you new folks: the Streets Dept Podcast is one-on-one interview podcast where I, your host Conrad Benner, sit down with the creative minds shaping the world around us, from Philadelphia and beyond. Creative minds like street artists, poets, activists, politicians, small business owners, and community organizers.

And while they share the same name, my blog (created in 2011) is a hyper local blog about solely about the street art and public art of Philadelphia. This podcast, which kicked off in 2017, is a creative expansion of Streets Dept that allows me to explore even more of my interests, namely working to understand how the world around us got built and talk with the folks who are building it now for the future. That just means we talk with a lot of creative minds.

For our first season, a test season of sorts really, I tried to emphasis the difference between my blog and the new podcast by bringing in guests from around the country and world. We had Baltimore-based writer R. Eric Thomas, the Tunisian-French graffiti writer and muralist eL Seed, New York City artist and historian Marisa Williamson, as well as some folks from Philly like City Councilmember Helen Gym.

For our second season I tried to lean into my Philly audience and all 13 episodes were recorded with people currently living in Philly, including the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Inga Saffron, director and Blackstar Film Festival creator Maori Karmael Holmes, Philadelphia City Councilmember-elect Jamie Gauthier, legendary poet and recording artist Ursula Rucker, and City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart to name a few.

And for this new season, our longest season to date (we’ll be creating 15 episodes total), we’ll still have a great mix of local Philly people in addition to a number of guests we interview while on the road over the next two weeks. So this season will kick off with a few Philly interviews, then move into our road trip interviews for about 8 episodes, then return to Philly-based folks for the final few episodes of the season.

Perhaps you’re wondering where I’m headed on the road trip? We’ll be flying into Phoenix, Arizona, then driving through Monument Valley, Utah and ending in Denver, Colorado. I picked Phoenix and Denver for a few reasons. One’s a Blue State and one’s a Red State, so I thought that’d be interesting to get to hear from folks working through the various challenges and systems in place in those political environments. They’re also two states I had never been to before. And while, yes, many podcasts have guests call in, I know I work better when I can see the people and places that make up the stories I’m trying to tell with my guests.

I hope you’ll join me for Season 3! Be sure to subscribe to the Streets Dept Podcast on Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle PlayStitcher, or any major podcast streaming platform to receive new episodes as soon as they’re published, and you’ll hear from me soon!

Season 3 of the Streets Dept Podcast is brought to you by our brilliant sponsors at the Spring Arts district, Elfant Wissahickon Realtors, and Kismet Cowork! Each episode is mixed and edited by our producer Mike Mehalick, and each Philadelphia episode of this season is recorded at Radio Kismet!

New podcast logo created by Linette Messina Kielinski (photographer), Janelle Munro (stylist), and Eric Dale (graphic design)!








































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