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PODCAST Year 5 (wide)

Welcome to YEAR 5 of the Streets Dept Podcast, y’all!

The Streets Dept Podcast features conversations with the creative minds shaping the world around us from street artists to poets, activists to politicians, small business owners to content creators. The podcast is produced and hosted by Conrad Benner. Conrad is a Fishtown (Philadelphia, PA) born-and-raised photo-blogger, curator, and podcaster. Episodes are mixed and edited by our brilliant audio engineer, Mike Mehalick.

Our podcast is created with support from our amazing Patreon members. Have you ever wanted to watch one of my podcast interviews live? Through our Patreon you can now take a seat in to our virtual Zoom audience anytime we record a new episode! Show your support for the Streets Dept Podcast now and become a Streets Dept Patreon member today! (There’s plenty of other perks too!)

Lastly, be sure to subscribe to the Streets Dept Podcast on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, SoundCloudStitcher, RadioPublic, Deezer, or any major podcast streaming platform to receive new episodes as soon as they’re published. And we’d love it if you could rate and review the podcast on the players that offer that, because great ratings and reviews help us to reach an even bigger audience.


After 5 years and 50-some episodes, if you’re new to the Streets Dept Podcast you might not know where to start. Of course you can just listen backwards chronologically or go listen to the interviews from people you know you want to hear from, but as a curator I can’t help but offer you a few particularly great episodes from over the years that I highly recommend starting with:

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