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We Won! #SEPTA247

April 17, 2014

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On the heels of the #SEPTA247 petition I started last month, SEPTA has announced this week that it would begin testing all-night subway service this June — a HUGE step forward into Philadelphia’s future…

Check out my full op-ed on WHYY’s Newsworks site HERE!

New Butter And Salmon in Northern Liberties

April 16, 2014


LOVE these new series of pastes from Butter And Salmon!

Awesome New Lydia Nichols Mural Outside Elixr Coffee

April 9, 2014


LOVE this new mural outside Elixr Coffee by illustration artist, Lydia Nichols!

Kid Hazo Installs for #HAHAxPara Philly Tech Week Scavenger Hunt

April 9, 2014


Love this new Kid Hazo piece, created for the #HAHAxParaPhilly Tech Week street art scavenger hunt! (P.s. It did originally have a computer mouse hanging from it, but you know how people like to pick at things near bus stops.)

Exploring Poconos Ruins with Mike from Brickxbirch

April 8, 2014


(Photos by Mike from Brickxbirch)

More photos today of a couple of abandoned resorts in the Poconos by awesome local photographer Mike (from Brickxbirch)… You may remeber I also recently posted photos of some exploration of Poconos ruins by Matt Hurst and Katie Rey HERE.

Check out Mike’s site HERE for more photos! (A lot more photos, actually.)

Can’t help but wonder, looking at these photos, what it might be like if it were possible for a community of artists from Philly to take over one of these spaces, renovate them, and create a sort of artists’ getaway in the Poconos. Sounds like a Kickstarter campaign, but I just think it’d be cool if Philly artists could connect and work together to create a great space outside the city for little regenerative powwows. Seems like that’d be good for the local Ponocos economy too. I don’t know. Just thinking how we can use these otherwise beautiful spaces that have already been built and just need some love.

Is This Rogue Ukrainian Street Art on The Ben Franklin Parkway?

April 7, 2014

The Parkway, if you didn’t know, is lined with flags of countries from around the world. So, this does make sense in that context. Interesting…

Wash Cycle Laundry Lends Its Feet to the Fight For #SEPTA247

April 1, 2014

Processed with VSCOcam with m2 preset

While Philadelphians continue to wait for SEPTA’s decision on whether or not to implement a test period for late night El and Subway service – of course they should – which they announced they would consider after the #SEPTA247 petition I started gained over 2k signatures in just a few days, today I’m happy to find out that at least one Philly-based organization is stepping up to the challenge of better transportation for the city of Philadelphia!

This morning, Wash Cycle Laundry, Philly’s sustainable laundry company that delivers by bicycle, emailed me to announce that they will (for at least some amount of time) supplement Septa’s late night El and Subway service by offering transportation during off-hours! (A WAY better option, I believe, than waiting endlessly for an overcrowded ‘Night Owl’ bus.) All in an effort to raise awareness for the #SEPTA247 campaign, and to help Philadelphia continue down a path toward more green transpiration options – no matter the time of day!

They go on to add in their email…

“Since 2010, Wash Cycle Laundry has hauled nearly 2 million pounds of cargo through Philadelphia, proving that bikes are a scalable and environmentally-friendly alternative to cars for urban transport. The next logical step from transporting people’s laundry was to move the people themselves, especially at a time of day when there’s a need for a safe, sustainable solution. Reducing carbon emissions by using mass transit can only be topped by the trailer-equipped bicycles at Wash Cycle, for which the only carbon emissions are the heavy breathing of our cyclists.”

So pumped that Wash Cycle Laundry is helping out in such a huge way! If only SEPTA took our city’s transpiration needs so seriously.

UPDATE (4/2): In case you hadn’t suspected, this was in fact an April Fools’ joke! In part to help raise awareness for #SEPTA247


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