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Streets Dept Is Now On Your Public Radio: Announcing “Our Space”

December 17, 2020

So excited to announce Our Space today, a new series of monthly public radio segments that I’m creating with PlanPhilly and WHYY’s News and Information Challenge Exchange!

This new public radio series will talk with Philadelphians about something y’all know I’m wildly passionate about: our public space. Each month we’ll explore a new topic, and we’re starting this month with the piece of critical public infrastructure that Philly is sorely missing: public restrooms. 

Segments and their accompanying articles are available online as well as on radio, and you can find our first segment on public restrooms online here! Special thanks to WHYY’s Christopher Norris for opening this door for me, as well as to the News and Information Challenge Exchange’s Eric Marsh and PlanPhilly’s managing editor Ariella Cohen!

Beyond excited for this new opportunity and platform to continue to think about and advocate for our city’s public space.  

Philly Street Artist Sends Trump Off with New “Game Over” Yarn Installation

January 20, 2021

New “Game Over” yarnbomb installation today from Philly street artist Nicole Nikolich (aka Lace in the Moon) sends off the now former President #45. The new work is located at 16th and Chestnut Streets in Center City… Bye, Don. Have fun in Florida until we see you next time in court!

See other installations by Nicole around Philly here!

New Gloria Casarez Tribute Wheatpaste Installed Then Mysteriously Removed This Week

January 16, 2021

New wheatpase this week in Philly’s Gayborhood honoring the late great activist and leader Gloria Casarez! Created by local street artist Tiff Urquhart, the artwork was wheatpasted on a wall at St. James and Camac Streets, just around the corner from where the Gloria Casarez mural was whitewashed last month (more about that here and here.)

“Gloria Casarez is an important historical figure in the Latinx, LGBTQIA+, and Philadelphia community as a whole”, Tiff told me through Instagram DM. “Although it isn’t a permanent installation like the recently defaced mural just yards away, I wanted to keep her portrait in the public eye any way possible. I wanted to keep Gloria on 12th St.”

Unfortunately, Tiff’s wheatpaste was ripped down shortly after I took these photos and within just two days of it being put up, which the artist posted about on Instagram last night (screencapped below). Even looking at my photos taken the morning after its installation you can see that someone was tearing at the corner of the new work. Look, street art can often have a short life, but usually stuff lasts longer than 48 hours. And given the national coverage the whitewashing of the Gloria Casarez mural recently received, I think it’d be pretty unlikely that the person(s) who tore down this wheatpaste didn’t know who it was honoring.

In another DM conversation today, Tiff explained that it seems no one is sure who might have removed their Gloria tribute, but the artist says they’ll work on another piece to install again soon. And I hope they do!

Artists Paint Mural to Honor the Countless Philly Organizers Who Helped Get Out the Vote in 2020

January 14, 2021

Very excited to curate a new temporary mural with artists Symone Salib and Letisha Bindu Golafaie, titled We Did That, with support from Mural Arts Philadelphia. Our mural honors the countless Philly organizers who helped to energize the electorate in 2020!

From the artists: 

We Did That is a mural celebrating and thanking the resilient organizers of Philadelphia for their consistent dedication to improving the community at large. This mural is about showing up for the community. It’s about rallying together, raising funds for mutual aid efforts, hope and above all community care. It’s about organizing to be more unified, staying informed, and exercising our right to vote. This mural is here to honor the Black and Brown organizers who have been at the forefront of critical elections and movements throughout the history of Philadelphia.”

“This mural depicts Rasheed Ajamu (Phreedom Jawn), Letisha GolafaieSamantha RiseNikki Grant, and Nelini Stamp, whose efforts we admire. It stands for the hundreds and thousands more in Philly that also continue to push for a better, more equitable city and world.”

Read more…

New Dora Cuenca Mural Commissioned on Percy Street as A Marriage Proposal

January 4, 2021

Words and photos by Streets Dept Contributor Eric Dale.

On the 12th day of Christmas, what did your true love get for you? For Danielle Brief, the answer was a mural and a marriage proposal!

Her fiance, Jonah Adams, wanted to do something special and personal. Both he and Danielle are part of the Percy Street Project committee, a group of neighbors working to continue beautifying the blind alley where David Guinn and Drew Billiau created their beloved electric mural in 2016. So Jonah decided to commission another mural on Percy Street, which had served as a sanctuary for the couple during the pandemic.

“I decided to use the opportunity to create something beautiful for the whole community,” he told me via Instagram message. “I ran the idea past the committee and they all loved it.”

Next, he had to pick an artist from among the many that Danielle admires. It came to him at the Streets Dept Walls exhibition at the Fashion District in 2019: Dora Cuenca.

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