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Streets Dept Presents: The 2020 Made-In-Philly Holiday Gift Guide

November 24, 2020

Welcome to Streets Dept’s 2020 Made-in-Philly Holiday Gift Guide! Now more than ever, please for the love of God and our city make sure every single one of the gifts you’re buying this holiday season comes from a local artist or shop. Every single one.

Readers of this blog will know that this is generally not the kind of content I usually create (though I did try to once in 2018), but I believe so deeply in the value of Philly’s arts community and in the work of our city’s incredible artists so I wanted to give this a try.

Below you’ll find the names and links of all the 100+ artists and shops that replied to my social media posts asking if any Philly folks had things to promote this holiday season. I’ve done my best to break these artists/makers up into a few helpful categories. In each subcategory the names are listed randomly. I encourage you to pour a glass a wine and take some time perusing each of the links that catches your eyes!

Thank you for supporting Philly artists, now get to shopping:

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Meet Sharktown Walls: An Incredible New Curated Mural Wall in Kensington

November 20, 2020

Awesome new series of murals this week completed for Sharktown Walls, part of a new mural festival curated by Philly-based artist Alloyius Mcilwaine located at Cecil B. Moore Avenue and Hancock Street in Kensington!

The project, created with partners Prism Studio and Colorspace Labs, features a half-block length wall with the work of over 20 artists, including: Ashley Myers, Bernard DelaCruz, Busta, Emily Taylor Rogers, Greta Maletsky, Isabelle Staub, Jayo-V, John Zerbe, KVC Art, Kyle Boich, Kyle Confehr, Leon Rainbow, Naythan Anthony, Raf Mata, Raw Sol, Ruby Lynn, Sasha (Love Renegade), Devil’s Remorse, Sean 9 Lugo, Seip, Seper, Tori Alexandra, Tyler Kline, and curator Alloyius Mcilwaine himself.

Incredible work, y’all!

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Sophie Roach Paints Stunningly Detailed New Mural at 20th and Annin

November 18, 2020

Love this new mural from Austin/Brooklyn-based artist Sophie Roach, located at 20th and Annin Streets!

Created with the HAHA x Paradigm initiative, the mural took about 33 days to make. And yes, despite its dizzying detail, it was all hand painted on-site as you can see documented in a number of Sophie’s Instagram posts from the last number of weeks. Great work, y’all!

See pervious work around Philly from the HAHA x Paradigm initiative here!

Philadelphia’s Newest Mural is Electric

November 16, 2020

While the news today was certainly glum (to say the least) with new COVID restrictions announced for the city due to skyrocketing cases, there is a bit of extra light this evening thanks to Philly’s latest mural, Electric Philadelphia!

Created by muralist David Guinn and light artist Drew Billiau with support from Mural Arts Philadelphia and Visit Philadelphia, the 8,500-square-foot artwork is located under the I-676 overpass on 6th Street between Race and Wood Streets in Center City. Its completion this month comes after a few delays that pushed back the project’s original finish date of Summer 2019, including delays spurred by the Coronavirus shutdowns last spring.

“The site presented an amazing opportunity to me to represent the overlap of tremendous history with the energetic forward-looking Philadelphia of today,” said Guinn, the mural’s creator in the project’s original press release. “Neon-like LED lights integrated into the mural will transform the underpass into a beacon attracting visitors from all directions and boldly proclaim the city’s industriousness and creativity, both past and present.”

Longtime readers may remember David and Drew’s first collaboration from 2016 on Percy Street in South Philly. And I for one hope this isn’t their last collaboration!

Germantown’s iMPeRFeCT Gallery Hosts First Outdoor Exhibition

November 11, 2020

(Photos by Eddie Einbender-Luks)

In our COVID world art spaces have had to adjust a lot, and over the last couple of weekends one gallery in Philadelphia’s Germantown neighborhood took their art to the streets! Featuring artworks by over 15 artists installed on seven-foot free-standing wooden structures, iMPeRFeCT Gallery hosted iMPeRFeCT PRISIMS and invited the city to come see!

“The iMPeRFeCT PRISMS is a mobile exhibition system that will give us the ability to bring art to different places, settings and situations as a way of continuing our work while the gallery is still closed to the public,” iMPeRFeCT founders Renny Molenaar and Rocio Cabello wrote in a newsletter. “We want to add our voices, our spirits and our energy to this telling election and this devastating pandemic and celebrate with art, music and a vision of change, social justice, peace and love.”

The exhibiting artists included Grimaldi BaezBetsy CasañasJuan Carlito CruzDonkEddie Einbender-LuksGina GilesLinette KielinskiMichael M. KoehlerCarole LoefflerAnthony Molden, Renny MolenaarDove NasirOluwafemiGary ReedBaron RoaneKathryn PannepackerRephael Epstein, and Rocio Cabello.

Check out the work of the artists below. And here’s hoping iMPeRFeCT is able to organize more shows like this in the future, it was incredible!

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