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Everything You Need to Know About “Streets Dept Walls,” On View Now at Fashion District

October 10, 2019

Streets Dept Walls
A Public Gallery

WHEN: Sept 19, 2019 – December 31, 2019
WHERE: Fashion District Philadelphia

Streets Dept Walls is a celebration of art, our beloved city of Philadelphia, and ourselves! Featuring a collection of 10 new temporary murals by 11 Philly artists, our project works to honor Philly’s status as an arts capitol and a place for creatives.

#StreetsDeptWalls are located in not one but two different areas of Fashion District. Our West Wall is located on the Concourse Level by 11th Street near Oath Pizza; and our East Wall is located on the Concourse Level by 9th Street near the As Seen On TV store.

Project created by curator Conrad Benner (founder of with support from Fashion District Philadelphia. Read more…

JOIN ME: 2nd Saturday Philly Art Walks

March 30, 2019

Welcome to Streets Dept’s 2nd Saturday Philly Art Walk, a new kind of guided tour that aims to explore the art around Philadelphia’s public spaces one neighborhood at a time. Each month, join us for a two-hour walk around different parts of the city in search of some of Philly’s most inspiring murals, street art, independent galleries, exciting exhibitions – and more! Each tour is hosted and led by’s founder Conrad Benner.

Get your tickets for one of our next tours now at the links below…

April 13 – Center City West
May 11 – Spring Arts/ Eraserhood
June 8 – Queen Village/ South Philly
July 13 – Fishtown
September 14 – South Broad
October 12 – Gayborhood
November 9 – West Philly/ University City

Hope to see y’all soon!

Street Art Legend, Faith XLVII, Creates Massive New Mural in West Philly

October 10, 2019

(Photos by Streets Dept Contributor Eric Dale)

In LOVE with this!

Over the last several weeks, internationally acclaimed street artist Faith XLVII created her first mural in Philly, with Mural Arts Philadelphia. Located at 39th and Market streets in West Philly, the mural, titled The Silent Watcher, is 11,000 square feet and stands 19 stories tall with a series of lights that keep the image visible after dark.

If you’ve somehow never heard of Faith XLVII before, she’s a visual artist from South Africa who’s currently based in Los Angeles. “Through her work she attempts to disarm the strategies of global realpolitik, in order to advance the expression of personal truth,” her bio reads. “In this way, her work is both an internal and spiritual release that speaks to the complexities of the human condition, its deviant histories, and existential search.”

Faith XLVII’s West Philly mural features a woman looking down with a caring gaze. “The use of geometric lines, a color gradient, and contrasting gold accents bring the viewer’s eye upward, bringing a sense of hope and movement toward the future, as well as a calm, enduring strength in the current moment,” the mural’s project page explains. “Faith XLVII was inspired by the cultural, historical, and social aspects of the neighborhood, and included the words ‘Philadelphia Maneto’ from the City’s official seal, meaning ‘Let Brotherly Love Endure.’”

The mural also includes the phase, “optimism is a strategy for making a better future.”

I first came across Faith XLVII’s work when I visited Portland, Oregon in 2015. It stuck out from so many of the other murals in Portland for a few reasons. Her work is brilliantly painterly. She translates subtle body and facial features so well to larger scale works. And so many of her murals seem to just float there, feeling almost weightless. I’m so pumped Mural Arts was able to bring her to Philly, and give her such a massive wall!

Philly Street Art Interviews: How Fangirling Launched the Art Career of Lace in the Moon

October 8, 2019

(Photos by Streets Dept Contributor Eric Dale)

Welcome to Season 2 of Streets Dept’s newest series of street artist interviews, created in partnership with Philadelphia’s own unofficial official street art museum, Tattooed Mom. Each month, Streets Dept Contributor Eric Dale will sit down with one local street artist to ask them about their work. Together, we’ll learn more about the incredible artists getting up around Philly.

Today’s interview is the finale of our 6-part second season of Philly Street Art Interviews. And just like with Season 1, we’ll be celebrating this season with a little pop-up shop featuring work from all six of this season’s artists at Tattooed Mom next month: more information on that event very soon, stay tuned! 

When Taylor Swift came to Philly on her Reputation tour, Nicole Nikolich wasn’t planning on quitting her retail job. She had just started creating crocheted street art on the side under the name Lace in the Moon, and was beginning to realize that she had finally found her medium. But Swift’s concert presented her with an opportunity she couldn’t resist—using her street art to attract the musician’s attention, and maybe—just maybe—garner herself a meet and greet!

Installing crocheted Taylor Swift lyrics on the street turned out to be very popular. So popular that Nicole decided to pursue crochet as a full time career. One year later, having installed artwork at Fashion District, Philadelphia International Airport, and a tiny town in Italy, among other places, Nicole is full of ideas for taking her art to the next level. From working with schools, to forming a crochet collective, to maybe even taking over YouTube, Lace in the Moon is just getting started.

Streets Dept’s Eric Dale: Hey Nicole, thanks for doing this!
Nicole Nikolich: Thanks for having me! I’m very excited.

SD: So I think Taylor Swift is as good a place to start as any! Can you give us a quick recap of that whole episode?
NN: That’s everyone’s favorite place to start! You gotta start with my girl Taylor. So basically, Taylor Swift was coming to town, and I’m, like, a super fangirl. Me and my friends from high school; we just love our girl Tay, and we were like how could we meet her? Before and after every show, she does a meet and greet with fans, so it wasn’t crazy out of the norm [to think] ok, if we did something, maybe we would meet her. Her team finds fans before and after who can meet her, which is pretty cool. It’s a lot of Tumblr accounts and social media accounts that usually get their attention. Read more…

A Ghost Ship Has Arrived on the Delaware River, And You’re Already Instagramming It

October 4, 2019

For the next month, a Ghost Ship will be parked on the Delaware River at Race Street Pier, and chances are you’ve already seen 30 people Instagram about it because it is just that magical!

Ghost Ship is brought to you by artists Biangle Studio, curator Ryan Strand Greenberg, and the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation. Beneath the installation’s playfulness and widely Instagram-able appeal, Ghost Ship tells a story about Philadelphia’s shared history and the role of the Delaware River in shaping this city’s past, present, and future. A story you can read about, or listen to in an audio tour, avaiable on the project’s website here.

The trick when viewing Ghost Ship is to keep moving. Go up and down Race Street Pier then onto Delaware avenue and back again and you’ll see different parts of the ship come into and out of focus. Though there is a pretty ideal viewing spot if you pause yourself right at the middle of the ship’s side on Race Street Pier. The installation is also effected by wind (obviously,) so if you go on a less windy day or wait for wind to calm down whenever you go more of the installation will be in focus in those moments.

Ghost Ship will be on view Wednesdays through Sundays from 7-10pm now through November 3rd. Enjoy, y’all!

Jason Andrew Turner Presents: The “Pilgrim Particle Integrator,” Opening Tuesday 10/1 at #ArtAtMission

September 27, 2019

Streets Dept and Mission Taqueria are excited to announce​ #ArtAtMission’s Fall 2019 exhibition: Pilgrim Particle Integrator by artist Jason Andrew Turner!

So what IS the Pilgrim Particle Integrator?… Is it a mural? A piece of sculpture!? Is it interactive!?! Is it alive?!?! The artist explains: “I have crated a machine that allows you to travel thru perceptions of reality, to reach transcendence through a doorway in time and space.”

An Alabama born artist currently based in Brooklyn, Jason Andrew Turner lived in Philly for about a decade as he grew his art practice. Many of y’all might have seen his largest piece of public art to-date, this new mural off Frankford avenue in Fishtown.

Jason’s work uses drawing and painting to explore the concepts of time, landscape, and shared consciousness: “I create obsessive compulsive environments from my own experience, referencing the self-examination of colorfield painting alongside the modern information age.”

JOIN US for the opening THIS Tuesday!

Pilgrim Particle Integrator by Jason Andrew Turner
WHEN: Tuesday, October 1st from 5:30-7:30pm (free)
WHERE: Mission Taqueria, 1516 Sansom Street
HASHTAG: #ArtAtMission
**Small bites will be provided**

Hope to see you there!

Art at Mission​ is a new arts project that’s transforming Mission Taqueria’s courtyard into a rotating outdoor arts space. Curated by’s founder Conrad Benner, we aim to use the space to highlight the work of artists that create in the public space! Exhibitions rotate quarterly.

“I Wish My Body Understood The Word Truce,” New Wheatpaste by Blur

September 26, 2019

New wheatpaste by Philly street artist Blur on South Philly’s art famous Percy Street

Reading, “I wish my body understood the word truce,” the piece is apart of the artist’s long running Mouth Series. And the content is a reference to Blur’s experience living with chronic illness, which she spoke about in our 2018 interview. An awesome interview that I suggest y’all check out, if you’ve not already!

New Mural from Philly-based Artist Rebecca Rutstein Rises on The Schuylkill

September 26, 2019

(Photos by Streets Dept Contributor Eric Dale)

New mural completed this month by Philly-based artist Rebecca Rutstein on the Schuylkill River. A total of 7,500 square feet, this is the artist’s first mural project! It’s located on the AT&T building at South Street and the Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk.

“Rutstein is known for her work at the intersection of art, science, and technology, and has combined these into one vibrant, geometric design on a building belonging to technology and entertainment company AT&T, soaring above the popular Schuylkill Banks multi-use trail to evoke reflections of light on water, aerial maps, tectonic processes, and connective pathways.” Learn more about the new mural here.

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