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Streets Dept Podcast – SN 3, EP 17: Anna Shipp and Building A Just, Green, and Thriving Economy

September 22, 2020

Welcome back to the Streets Dept Podcast, y’all! The Streets Dept Podcast is one-on-one interview podcast where I, your host Conrad Benner, sit down with the creative minds shaping the world around us, from Philadelphia and beyond. Creative minds like street artists, poets, activists, politicians, small business owners, and community organizers.

Today, we’ll be chatting with Anna Shipp! Anna is the Executive Director of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia! And she has dedicated her career to social and economic equality and climate resilience.

Prior to the Sustainable Business Network, Anna worked with opportunity youth, empowering them through important educational, recreational, and career-building opportunities. She also worked with people experiencing chronic unemployment or underemployment, providing them with the resources they needed to overcome barriers and regain financial independence. Anna has also worked with several local, state, and national parks on multi-stage projects to reduce erosion from stormwater runoff, improve habitat, and enhance visitors’ experience.

In today’s episode, Anna and I chat about building a just, green, and thriving economy centered by local, independent businesses. We also discuss the challenges that systemic racism and COVID-19 present in creating that economy.

Check out my conversation with Anna Shipp below, or on any major podcast streaming platform by searching “Streets Dept Podcast”!

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Breonna Taylor Memorialized On I-76 in Philly

September 24, 2020

There’s no peace in the U.S. without justice. There is no peace in the U.S. when a person’s job is allowed to protect them if they murder someone. New Breonna Taylor piece today on I-76 in Philadelphia.

#BlackLivesMatter #BreonnaTaylorMatters

New Installation by Artists Amberella and Lace In The Moon, “This Still Works”

September 21, 2020

Love this new installation by Philly/LA-based artist Amberella and Philly-based artist Nicole Nikolich (aka Lace in the Moon), installed this weekend at 16th and Sansom Streets! The piece includes one of Amberella’s hearts that says “This Still Works” hugged by several layers of yarnbomb from Lace, next to text that reads: “You turned it on. It still works. This still works. It still turns on. I beat again <3”

“My work has always been driven by the heart- love, emotions, vulnerability, and connection,” Amberella mentioned when I reached out to learn more about the new work! “And Nicole and I have wanted to collaborate for quite some time now. Nicole sent me a text a few weeks back saying she had fallen in love for the first time in a long time, and we decided to base our collaboration on it.”

“Yeah, I’ve wanted to collaborate with Amber since I got involved in street art,” Nicole added. “We met up earlier in the year but hadn’t nailed down an idea, then COVID put collaborating on pause. Then over quarantine I started a new relationship and wrote a short little poem about it. I decided to send it to Amber since she is the street art queen of hearts and love. And we decided to make this piece about that feeling when you fall in love for the first time in a long while. I also wanted to make a large scale piece because I am hoping to start making bigger, more permanent creations— like murals and indoor work. I hope people see the work and forget about all the crazy shit going on in the world for a minute and remind those close to them that they love them.”

See past work from Amberella around Philly here; and past work from Nicole Nikolich here!

Six New Works of Public Art Installed at Philly’s Navy Yard, Meet “Code Name: M.I.M.O.S.A.”

September 15, 2020

This week, Group X and the Philadelphia Navy Yard announce their latest secret project, Mystery Island and the Marvelous Occurrence of Spontaneous Art (code name: M.I.M.O.S.A.), a collection of six new temporary works of public art that play with the built environment of Philadelphia’s former League Island. Keen readers of this blog might remember the group’s pervious projects, 2018’s Sea Monsters HERE with artists Filthy Luker and Pedro Estrellas and 2019’s Tape Philadelphia: Enter the Cocoon. This year’s project includes not one but six new works of art from seven acclaimed local and international artists: Liesbet Bussche, DAKU, Justin Favela, Kid Hazo with South Fellini, Reed Bmore, and Raquel Rodrigo.

The project is open to the public now through November 2, 2020. The Navy Yard is open daily to the public from sunrise to sunset. All the artworks are visible from the street and/or sidewalk and accessible for folks who use wheelchairs. And the standard 2020 rules apply: you must wear a mask at all times, and you’re asked to socially distance from any other visitors while you’re there.

Read more…

Artist Bo Han Paints #BlackLivesMatter Bench Mural in Fishtown

September 13, 2020

Black Lives Matter bench mural painted this summer by artist Bo Han outside the Lutheran Settlement House on Frankford Avenue and Master Street in Fishtown. Love this!

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