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November 21, 2016


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Here’s Where You Can Find ALL the #SignsOfSolidarity Banners Around Philly this Weekend!

January 20, 2017

(Sign by NERO)

After two very long days of installing with my Signs Of Solidarity co-organizers Eric Preisendanz and Aubrie Costello, along with some additional help from Arch Enemy Arts‘ Patrick Shillenn, we’re so excited to share with y’all the locations for all of our artist-created #SignsOfSolidarityPHL banners!

Signs Of Solidarity is an Inauguration Day public art protest in opposition to hate and in protest of any and all that embolden divisiveness. It was planned and organized here in Philadelphia by Eric Preisendanz, Aubrie Costello, and myself with some original help with the idea from photographer Conor Gray. In addition to the 30 ‘Signs’ dropped from buildings and businesses here in Philly, there are 30 more Signs Of Solidarity that have dropped in Atlanta!

All of the Philly Signs Of Solidarity will remain up through this weekend, and some will remain up for a week or even longer. Because it’s ultimately up to each and every building and business’ discretion how long the ‘Signs’ will remain, we can’t give you a master list of how long each banner will be up. But again, ALL will be up through this weekend! Read more…

Announcing #SignsOfSolidarity, An Inauguration Day Public Art Protest in Opposition to Hate

January 17, 2017


SO excited to finally announce Signs Of Solidarity, an unprecedented dual-city public art protest in opposition to hate and divisiveness. On January 20th, dozens of buildings across the cities of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Atlanta, Georgia will drop artist-made Signs Of Solidarity, large banners displaying messages of love and inclusivity to stand in opposition to hate and in protest of any and all that embolden divisiveness.  

Organized in Philadelphia by curator Eric Preisendanz, artist Aubrie Costello, photographer Conor Gray, and Founder/Editor Conrad Benner, Signs Of Solidarity began with the idea a couple of weeks after the election to hang a few banners from a few private homes, but quickly evolved into a massive citywide effort combining the passion and drive of over 30 Philly-area artists, writers, poets, and creatives with the permission and coordination of dozens of local building and business owners. And in late December the project grew to include 30 more artists and buildings in Atlanta after a group of Atlanta Arts organizations heard about the project through one of the Philadelphia participating artist, Michelle Angela Ortiz!

Signs Of Solidarity is not a protest of a single man, but a reaction to what appears to be a global shift towards fear and exclusivity. We refuse to accept the normalization of divisiveness and the hate it breeds. Philadelphia is not only the birthplace of American democracy, but the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection. Philadelphia and Atlanta are better cities because of our diverse communities. We’re better cities because of our love and inclusivity. And on January 20th, dozens of Philadelphians from across the city will work together in solidarity with dozens more in Atlanta to present and display messages of love, inclusivity, and getting to work for these essential American values on prominent buildings across both of our brilliant cities.

Artists creating Signs Of Solidarity include Michelle Angela Ortiz, Aubrie Costello, Joe Boruchow, Jessie Hemmons (aka Ishknits), Amberella, Yomi, Alloyius McIlwaine, Sheldon Abba with Bruno Guerreiro, Seper, Lindo Yes with Parrish 94, Blur, Yuenglingblingbling, Low Level, Glossblack, Miriam Singer with Jaqueline Quinn, Kimberly Connerton, Monica O, CURVE, Brooks Bell with Vi Vu, Kees Holterman, Fatima Adamu with Barbara Zanelli, Sean Martorana, Martha Rich, Alexandra Sayer, Frank Bear, Zoe Cohen, Catzie Vilayphonh, and students from the Delphi Program!

Some of the messages that will be displayed on our Signs Of Solidarity include:

“This is not normal. But we are not normal either. We will change the ordinary by being extraordinary.”Lindo Yes with Parrish94
“Amidst Love, Resist Hate”Brooks Bell with Vi Vu
“Seeing hate for what it is; Unwelcome here. Seeing love for what it is; Within every one of us.” -Blur
“Spread Love, Create Change”Yuenglingblingbling
“Moral outrage is born of love.” –Fatima Adamu with Barbara Zanelli
You can’t take away our Resilience, our Beauty, our Humanity, our Strength… Aqui me Quedo (Here I will Stay).Michelle Angela Ortiz

The ‘Signs’ range from 7ft. x 7ft. to 20ft. x 20ft. and will begin dropping from buildings around Philly later this week and remain up through Inauguration Day, Friday, January 20th.

Some of the locations where our Signs Of Solidarity banners will be hung include Johnny Brenda’s, La Colombe (Dilworth Park), the William Way Center, Broad Street Ministry, the Fringe Arts Building, Tattooed Mom, Gravy Studio/Gallery, the Bok Building, Space 1026, Paradigm Gallery and Studio, Pizza Brain/Little Babies (Fishtown), Lapstone & Hammer, Awesome Dudes Printing, Indy Hall, the Wolf Building, several buildings throughout Old City (for its historical significance but also to serve as the biggest concentration of ‘Signs’ for those interested in seeing as many as they can in the short time that they will be up), and more!

Here’s a few of our ‘Signs’ at the artist drop off we had earlier this week…


MUCH more information to come. Mark yourself as ‘going’ to our Facebook Event Page to receive updates!

#CollectiveActionPHL Breaks Its $20k Fundraising Goal for 10 Social Justice Organizations in Less Than 3 Hours!

January 16, 2017


Holy shit we did it!

After just 7 weeks of planning and thanks to the generous donations of 161 INCREDIBLE artists, Collective Action welcomed 1,068 people on Saturday night. And over the course of just 3 hours we broke our fundraising goal of $20k by THOUSANDS of more dollars to raise a total of just about $23,250* for 10 social justice organizations that will be on the front lines during the Trump administration.

*This is a confident estimate, but may change slightly as transactions and other things finalize in the coming days.

In fact, here’s the moment we realized we exceeded our $20k goal…

My co-organizers Grace Ahn, Jacob Klensin, Brooke Di Leone, Daniel Levine, and I literally can not thank you enough, Philly. THANK YOU! And thank you to our more than two dozen volunteers (some pictured below), as well as our DJ Chris Ward and the designer who created our logo/branding Nijel Taylor, all of who we could not have done this without! We were all just people ready to do something proactive and positive in light of the election of Donald Trump and the increasingly dangerous, self-serving people he has brought into his administration.

More than raising money, last night for us was about meeting other Philadelphians from diverse communities who share a passion to build a better, more inclusive society. While the election of Trump was certainly a step back in almost every imaginable way, last night I hope was one of many collective steps forward.

And if you’re still reading this and would like to contribute, we are still excepting donations HERE!

We will be sure to do a follow up post in the coming weeks to be as transparent as possible about our final donation amounts and documenting those donations making it to the 10 organizations we listed. But I just wanted to get a quick thank you post up because damn Philadelphia, YOU CAME THROUGH! <3


Announcing ‘Collective Action’, A Silent Art Auction for Social Justice Under Trump

December 28, 2016


(Logo design by Nijel Taylor!)

SO excited to officially announce today #CollectiveActionPHL, a silent art auction to raise money for 10 local and national social justice organizations that will be on the front lines during Trump’s presidency.

Collective Action will take place the weekend prior to Trump’s inauguration on Saturday, January 14th, 2017 from 6-9pm at 990 Spring Garden Street in Philadelphia, PA. We seek to raise $20,000 thanks to the generous donations of over 100 Philadelphia-area artists who’ve donated work.

WHO: Collective Action
WHAT: A silent art auction to raise money for 10 local and national social justice organizations that will be on the front lines during Trump’s presidency
WHEN: Saturday, January 14th (2017) from 6-9pm
WHERE: 990 Spring Garden Street
WHY: Collective Action is a direct response to the election of Donald Trump and to the increasingly dangerous, self-serving people he has brought into his administration.

Organized by a group of motivated and passionate Philadelphians led by Grace Ahn, Jacob Klensin, Brooke Di Leone, Daniel Levine, and Streets Dept’s Founder/Editor Conrad Benner, all of the proceeds raised by Collective Action will be donated evenly to the 10 following social justice organizations*: Planned Parenthood, Mazzoni Center, Juntos, Al Aqsa Islamic Academy, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Network of Abortion Funds, International Refugee Assistance Project, and the Natural Resources Defense Council. Read more…

Spring Garden El Stop Gets Stunning New Light Installations

December 26, 2016


Holy freaking moly, I LOVE this!

This week the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (DRWC) unveiled their long-awaited ‘Spring Garden Street Connector Project’, a dramatic new lighting installation inside the massive and formerly dimly lit I-95/Market-Frankford El overpass.

The beautiful new project was designed for DRWC by NV5 (Formerly The RBA Group) with Cloud Gehshan Associates and The Lighting Practice providing design expertise for the lighting and light panels. The installations serve as a welcoming gateway to and from the El’s Spring Garden street stop and Northern Liberties on one side and the Waterfront on the other!

I have used this stop literally countless times in my life since high school. Really could not be more pleased to see public transit stops getting some attention. Great work, y’all!


And if you like this, you’ll LOVE South Philly’s “Electric Light Mural”!

And Just Like That…

December 26, 2016


New wheatpaste by Nero on 5th street between South and Bainbridge!

See more work from Nero around Philly HERE!

Septic Mural in Kensington is Pure Magic

December 26, 2016


I’m speechless!

Just absolutely in LOVE with Septic‘s mural outside Pilot Projects at 5th street and Cecil B. Moore avenue in Kensington… Someone in Philly hire Septic to do more murals please!

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