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Join Me: Announcing May’s 2nd Saturday Street Art Tour, The Gayborhood

April 19, 2018

(Photo by Eric Dale from April’s 2nd Saturday Street Art Tour: Kensington, mural by Yomi)

2nd Saturday Street Art Tours are BACK for a 2018 Season!

Streets Dept’s 2nd Saturday Street Art Tours are a new kind of guided walking tour that explore the art in Philadelphia’s public spaces one neighborhood at a time. Each month we walk a different neighborhood in search of street art, graffiti, murals – and more! Each tour hosted and led by’s founder Conrad Benner.

For this, the second tour of our 2018 Season, we’ll be checking out one of Philadelphia’s most concentrated and historically significant districts for murals, which includes The Gayborhood, the streets adjacent to the Avenue of the Arts, and West South Street!

Learn more and get your tickets HERE!

Exhibiting Philly Street Art Photos at PHL International Airport

February 27, 2018

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Philadelphia International Airport’s exhibition program, Art At The Airport, and I’m so pumped to announce today that my photos are apart of this year’s exhibition! Read more…

Ishknits Installs “Time’s Up” Yarnbomb in Philly

April 19, 2018

A new installation this week by Philly-based yarnbomber, Ishknits, on 11th street at Callowhill street proclaims: “Time’s Up”!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last handful of months, then you know that Ishknits’ new piece is a large, knitted version of the black and white Time’s Up logo. A departure from Ishknits generally much more colorful yarnbombs, she wrote the following to her Instagram after installing the piece:

“In late 2016, I installed one of my Khaleesi pieces at this location with the aim of amplifying our voices and our stories and our experiences. Now, in 2018 – we have a movement. It has a name. The joy this gives me is beyond words. I am so proud of the women who have collectively raised their voices loud enough to make this possible. Special thank you to Tarana Burke for #MeToo.”

Absolutely love this, Ishknits!

Sneak Preview: Tiny Room for Elephants 2018

April 19, 2018

Holy shit: If y’all aren’t planning on going to Tiny Room for Elephants in Philly this weekend, what are you even doing with your life?

For the last three years, Tiny Room for Elephants (aka “TRFE”) has hosted an annual art and music exhibition that features the work of some of the Philadelphia area’s most prolific artists, illustrators, street artists, graffiti writers, and DJs; this year they’re adding the work of a few photographers as well.

Most of the artists and writers participating in TRFE create their pieces, their murals, in the space that the exhibition will be held in over the days and weeks leading to the exhibition’s opening. The “tiny room,” as it were, is then opened for a single weekend inviting any and all to come check out what’s been made surrounded by fellow creatives from many of Philly’s different (and too often siloed) arts communities. In all, it adds up to an event unmatched in Philadelphia. Definitely something not to be missed!

The brainchild of lead organizers/curators YaYa Horne, Donte Neal (Mars,) Chris White, and Damion Ward (who are photographed together below,) this year’s stellar list of artists and writers includes: Stacey (Flygirrl) Wilson, Air Rat, SeperMarshall Linton, Joshua Ruggeri, Willis Nomo, Semet, BustaEnemBenjamin J. Howard, Saga Moor, Lawren Alice, Lotits, Noel Wilmore, Texas, Gane, YomiPriscilla Bell, Makeda, Bnmprez, Leondiastemata, and Phobymo! A full list of the DJ line-up can be found here.

The exhibition opens this Friday (tomorrow!) and goes through Sunday at Bok in South Philly…

Tiny Room for Elephants
Friday 4/20 (6-10pm, $4.20, 21+)
Saturday 4/21 (6-10pm, $4.20, 21+)
Sunday 4/22 (12-4pm, FREE, All Ages)
WHERE: The Bok Building, 1901 South 9th street

Check out more of my sneak preview below. See y’all there this weekend! Read more…

Sheldon Abba’s Street Art Tribute to 52nd Street’s Black-owned Businesses

April 13, 2018

(Photos by Streets Dept Contributor Eric Dale)

Installed last fall, just spotted this piece from Sheldon Abba!

The installation is apart of Sheldon’s Cross City Communication series that’s aimed at highlighting ephemeral moments in our quickly changing city and connecting Philadelphians across neighborhoods. You can read my interview with Sheldon from when he launched the series here.

The piece photographed in this post is installed in an old abandoned pay-phone on 52 Street in West Philly. Sheldon wrote the following about this installation to his Instagram:

“52nd Street represents a part of the city’s history of black owned business and economic sovereignty. From the African Cultural Art Forum (ACAF) to the bulls selling tees from sidewalk stands, individuals are working to provide for themselves and their families on their own terms. I felt fortunate to get to explore that zone this summer while working on the PHL Assembled project and now enjoy going out there when I have time to cop sunglasses from the sidewalk stands (best cheap pairs I’ve found in a while,) grab some Jamaican food from the spot on the corner of Locust, and go chill in the park.”

“I thought this photo of a shop owner holding a million balloons (count them, it’s definitely a million) represents the vibe and energy you feel out there walking the street.”

Absolutely love this series from Sheldon… Be sure to follow him on Instagram to see his latest installations!

Help Philly’s Legendary Keech Kill Cancer: A Benefit Art Show at Tattooed Mom

April 11, 2018


In 2015, the legendary Philly graffiti writer and artist (and all-around great human being,) Keech, began a “Kill Cancer” campaign around the city to raise awareness and money for cancer research that resulted in an art fundraiser at Tattooed Mom that November. The campaign was inspired by Keech’s mother-in-law being diagnosed with cancer. Now, nearly three years later, Keech himself is battling cancer and Philly’s graffiti and arts communities have rallied to support him.

In an effort to help Keech deal with the enormous expenses and hardships that he’s now facing, friends, family, and fellow writers and artists have created two ways you can show your support: First, you can donate what you can to the Help Keech Kick Cancer GoFundMe page. Second, you can come out to this weekend’s Keech Kills Cancer: A Benefit Art Show at Tattooed Mom (South street between 5th and 6th streets) this Sunday, April 15 from 6-10pm. Sunday’s art benefit will feature work from scores of heavy hitters from the Philadelphia street art and graffiti communities and beyond. And Tattooed Mom’s will also be donating 20% of all food and drink sales to the cause.

Keech is such an incredible person, and he deserves all our support. Hope you’re able to help him now when he really needs it!

Philly Now Has A Newspaper Exclusively for Men in the #MeToo Era

April 10, 2018

It’s International Anti-Street Harassment Week, and Philly-based feminist street art collective Pussy Division are raising awareness of street harassment here in Philadelphia by creating and distributing a brand-new newspaper, The Philadelphia Man.

The newspaper includes articles on street harassment (of course,) including one titled What Men Can Do To Stop Street Harassment, as well as a few satirical comics, horoscopes, and even an obituaries section featuring the many men whose careers have “died” due to the sexual assault/ violence/ harassment they’ve committed coming to light in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

Read more…

Idle Hands: A Preview of Evan Lovett’s Inspired One-Night-Only Exhibition Honoring Philly Makers

April 5, 2018

Do not miss this show, y’all!

This Friday (aka tomorrow,) Philly-based artist and muralist Evan Lovett will be opening a one-night-only show dedicated to Philly makers!

If you live and Philly and don’t know Evan Lovett’s work, you’re wrong. You know his work because he’s the creator/co-creator of some of Philly’s most instantly beloved new murals. Murals like Gigantic Pigeon (2016),  Squirrel Eating a SEPTA Token (2017),  World’s Happiest Raccoon Finds World’s Biggest Philly Pretzel (2017), and the Welcome to Fishtown Cat Mural (2017), to name a few! (All of these murals, it deserves to be mentioned, were created along with legendary Philly artist and muralist Glossblack and/or with V.U.R.T. Creative for which Evan is a co-founder and resident artist.)

Titled Idle Hands, Evan’s solo show, is “an exhibition of multi-dimensional aerosol portraits, dedicated to the producers, makers, creatives and enthusiasts of our city who inspire me to keep making every day.” As he writes on the show’s Facebook page.

“Idle hands can lead to idle lives or cause our thoughts wander. Without a productive outlet, some find their way down destructive or lethargic paths. This is something I know all too well. So I wanted to celebrate my peers who’ve refused to stand idle and instead used their hands to create. I tried to honor them the best way I know how, by picking up the tools of my craft.”

Among the works are portraits of Philly-based barbers, artists, musicians, carpenters, DJs, photographers, poets – and more. A total of 14 portraits all spray painted on wood cutouts created by the artist.

Idle Hands: A Solo Exhibition by Evan Lovett
WHEN: Friday, April 6, from 6-11pm (Don’t forget, it’s one night only!)
WHERE: 990 Spring Garden Street
Admission is free, beer provided by Roy-Pitz Brewing Company, catering by Tandoor Philly, and entertainment provided by Get Up.

And curators: Because Evan’s show is only one night, he will be looking for other galleries, exhibitions, or locations to show these works in again in the near future. So definitely hit him up, if you’re interested!

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