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Call to Artists

Y’all: If you’re interested in being featured on this blog or my Instagram, let me know when you do new work!

The long and short of it is that this blog is run/curated by one person (me, hi my name’s Conrad!) And I mostly learn about new work from running around the city as much as I can in search of new stuff, and from emails from artists letting me know about new work they’ve put up. I’m eager to highlight more of the incredible artists and writers in this city, but I need your help to do it.

Artists/writers, email me if the following apply to you:

  1. You’d like to have your work featured on this blog or my Instagram
  2. You’ve recently installed something in the public space in Philadelphia or you are planning to soon (“public space” can also include exhibitions that are free and/or highlight the work of artists/writers who create work in the public space, example here)

Please understand that this blog is still a curated blog, and that my time as one human individual is limited, so if you email me there’s a chance that the new work you’re emailing me about may not be featured. (Especially in the busier warmer seasons.) But I can promise you that I will try to return all emails to let you know either way. And on that note, please allow at least a week for me to return an email. It’s the nature of running this blog that there are many weeks where most of my time is spent running around photographing art and not on my laptop. So I can’t always return emails too quickly.

If you email, please include: A) The exact location of the install and a photo of it, if it’s currently up. If it’s not currently up, just let me know what you’re planning to install and when/where about. B) Links to your website and/or Instagram. C) Any more information you can share about your work.

Hope to hear from you! StreetsDept [at] gmail [dot] com



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