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And it’s impossible not to LOVE these new Air Rat pieces

August 9, 2016


LOVE these new pieces by Air Rat in the Eraserhood!

The first reads, ‘Love is not Political’, and on his Instagram the artist explains:

“I find the thought we could potentially be taking a step backwards and not only revoke same sex marriage and begin CONVERSION THERAPY is fucking insane to me it is our constitutional right to PERSUE HAPPINESS that doesn’t mean you’re entitled to happiness but you’re entitled to pursue it any way you want and I wish everyone luck in obtaining it however you pursue it.”

The new series includes pieces that read ‘Love is not a Color’, ‘Love is not a Sex’, and ‘Love is Transparent’… In another Instagram post, the artist sums it all up by saying: “Leave bigotry/racism/sexism/politics out of [love].” And I couldn’t agree more!

Gane and Texas for the Win

August 8, 2016

Gane and Texas can do no wrong.

Remember that time the DNC rolled back Obama’s ban on federal lobbyists donations? Pussy Division would like to remind you…

July 30, 2016


Pussy Division, the a group of Philadelphia-based feminist activists responsible for a number of brilliant anti-street harassment installations over the last three years, took to the streets last week to install wheatpastes calling out the DNC for their apparent hypocrisy. The pastes read:

“The DNC has repealed ethical rules to ban donations from federal lobbyists and pursued donations from the following corporations whose interests are in direct opposition to the Democratic Party’s platform.”

That ban they’re talking about, by the way, happened earlier this year: “The Democratic National Committee has rolled back restrictions introduced by presidential candidate Barack Obama in 2008 that banned donations from federal lobbyists and political action committees… The decision was viewed with disappointment Friday morning by good government activists who saw it as a step backward in the effort to limit special interest influence in Washington. Some suggested it could provide an advantage to Hillary Clinton’s fundraising efforts.”The Washington Post

Pussy Division’s wheatpaste then goes on to list all the large, multi-national cooperations the DNC had since sought donations from, including Walmart, Monsanto, Wells Fargo (interesting while at the same time obvious, considering the DNC Convention took place at the Wells Fargo Center), Lockheed Martin, and the depressing list goes on.

Despite my recent feelings on this election (but really, what other choice do we have at this point), I believe most thinking Americans would agree with what Bernie Sanders tweeted just today:

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 12.14.38 AM

All Lit Up for the DNC

July 29, 2016

Red, blue, and stars all over!


Sooooooooooo we’re all in agreement that we should light up 30th Street Station and City Hall Tower more often, right?!

Mat Tomezsko and Mural Arts Paint a Mile Long Mural on South Broad Street for the DNC

July 27, 2016


Titled ‘14 Movements: A Symphony in Color and Words‘, the brilliant color that’s recently filled South Broad street’s median from City Hall to Washington avenue is the work of artist Mat Tomezsko with the help of Mural Arts and the DNC Host Committee.

Much more about the temporary installation can be found at Mural Arts’ blog:

“The visual movement of 14 Movements unfolds like a classical sonata: rippling colors and forms are introduced, developed, and then revisited as onlookers make their way up or down one of the city’s busiest corridors. The work will also feature words and imagery found in Philadelphia Poet Laureate Yolanda Wisher’s celebrated book of poems, Monk Eats an Afro. Tomezsko’s painterly symphony represents the desire of all people to be seen, heard, and represented, and reflects the importance of placing open discussion and the exchange of ideas at the forefront of our democratic society.”

Love this, and LOVE whenever Mural Arts goes big like this, or like their recent Parkway mural with artist Brad Carney!

Bines Gets Political on 4th Street

July 27, 2016


Found on 4th street, between Brown and Poplar streets, in Northern Liberties, Bines comments on the current political atmosphere with this new piece.

Mackenzie Vaughan Pikaart’s Beautiful 3-D Installation at Schuylkill Banks

July 27, 2016


You may remember Mackenzie Vaughan Pikaart‘s recent work installing a colorful, little memorial at the sight of the infamous Center City building collapse or her hopeful installation at 19th and Reed streets. This week, Mackenzie puts up a beautiful street art sculpture along the Schuylkill Banks at Walnut street… LOVE this!


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