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Adam Crawford Paints The Mural Homage to Pizza That You’ve Been Waiting For

January 28, 2019

A new mural from Philly-based artist Adam Crawford pays homage to everybody’s favorite food: pizza. Or I think it’s an homage anyway, it does have some maybe darker undertones. Maybe that represents indigestion?

Either way, Adam’s pizza mural is located at 20th and Ionic streets in Rittenhouse square!

And look at that – it looks like the little mural painted by Roman artist Alice Pasquini at the back of that alley is holding up well. Some of y’all might remember we covered Alice’s 2013 visit, when she created that piece.

See more work from Adam Crawford around Philly here!

The Philadelphia Museum of Art’s New Temporary Outdoor Sculpture “STAND” is Awesome, But The Way They Talk About It Isn’t

January 24, 2019

10 new cast-iron blockwork sculptures appeared at the top of the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s famous steps this week, the work of British artist Antony Gormley. A temporary installation that will be on view now through June 16, 2019, each sculpture is spaced evenly apart and together they’re titled STAND.

STAND offers an opportunity to reflect on our status as urban animals, our common ground with the artworks, and how context influences our thinking,” the museum’s website reads. Ok…

Read more…

Eye-catching New “Keep it Together” Wheatpaste in Fishtown

January 23, 2019

Y’all, I really like this piece by Philly-based artist Gina Scamuffa spotted on Front street by Master street in Fishtown this week… Titled Keep it Together and originally created on a wood panel for a show last October about mental health, it now lives a new life in wheatpaste form!

If you like it too, the artist is offering prints of it available for purchase on her website, and you can click here to check that out.

Streets Dept Podcast – SN 2, EP 5: Philly Kid to International Style Influencer, Sabir M. Peele On Building His Men’s Lifestyle Empire

January 23, 2019

My guest on the podcast this week has been on my short-list of people to interview for the last two seasons now, so I’m pumped that our schedules finally aligned!

Sabir M. Peele is the founder of the wildly successful Men’s Style Pro, a consulting firm and editorial site created in 2010 that helps men understand, breakdown, and expand their personal style.

“A guy from North Philadelphia with a passion for quality men’s style,” as his website reads, Sabir has been featured in many leading men’s magazines like Esquire and GQ over the years for his own style. Today we chat with Sabir about how he’s leveraged that attention to build one of the Philly area’s most successful men’s lifestyle blogs and social media accounts, and how he regularly works with major style brands around the world to continue to grow his influence. (And yes, he’s got some fashion tips for y’all too!)

Check out my conversation with Sabir M. Peele below, or on any major podcast streaming platform by searching “Streets Dept Podcast”!

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Season 2 of the Streets Dept Podcast is brought to you by our brilliant sponsors at Temple University and Lyft! Each episode is mixed and edited by our Producer Mike Mehalick and recorded at the legendary Indy Hall coworking space in Old City, Philadelphia.

Giant Burning Man Sculpture Installed in Northern Liberties

January 21, 2019

Walking through Northern Liberties this afternoon, I stumbled on a large robot looking sculpture rising above Germantown avenue between Wildey and 2nd streets. Luckily I had my camera, so I took a few photos and Instagrammed about the mysterious installation that’s still fenced off (almost as if it’s not complete or like it was being installed to be unveiled at some block party soon, or something.) Quickly after posting the photos to Instagram this evening, some answers started rolling in!

The 33-foot tall sculpture, I learned from a CBS 3 article posted today by Brandon Longo, is titled BEBOT and it was created by London-based artist Andrea Greenlees. Originally made for last year’s Burning Man, which ended in September, BEBOT was brought to Philadelphia in December and built this last week.  Read more…

Yarnbombed Creature Crawls up 6th Street in Bella Vista

January 11, 2019

A new yarnbomb creature from J. Curtaz (aka Binding Things) can now be seen crawling along 6th street between Lombard and South streets outside Starr Garden Playground in Bella Vista!

While in the past Binding Things has created yarnbombs of real-life and/or mythical creatures like a fire breathing rainbow piranha, a cockroach, or a ghost chimera, this time the animal depicted is from the artist’s own imagination. “He makes me think of a circus tent come to life,” Binding Things commented on Instagram.

Always love a new installation from Binding Things!

Follow Your Dreams

January 11, 2019

New “Follow Your Dreams” stencil potted at 2nd and Poplar streets in Northern Liberties by Tucker Fupper!

P.s. There was some more new work at this intersection too that I’ll be posting about next week.

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