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Molly Egan’s New Center City Mural Is A Springtime Dream

April 8, 2019

In LOVE with this new springtime-y mural by South Philly-based artist and illustrator Molly Egan located outside Elixr Coffee on Sydenham street off Walnut street in Center City, apart of the ongoing series of murals for Elixr curated by Ryan Strand Greenberg!

See past Elixr artist murals here; and see Ryan Strand Greenberg’s 2017 photography street art series here!

New Nipsey Hussle Quote Sticker in Fishtown

April 7, 2019

New quote sticker tonight from Philly-based artist Brunofsky, apart of his #Brunosophy series, in collaboration with William Tyrone Toms.

Located around Blair and Berks streets in Fishtown, the quote from the late Nipsey Hussle reads: “Most people want to skip steps, not knowing that when you skip steps you miss the lessons.”

See pervious work from Brunofsky around Philly here; and listen to my recent Streets Dept Podcast interview with William Tyrone Toms here!

Street Artist Installs Large KFC “Consume” Sign Installation Off Girard Ave

April 6, 2019

Spotted this “Consume” installation on Marshall street at Girard avenue this week. No clue who created it or how it might have been installed. Looks like a real KFC sign with, I’m guessing, a black sunglasses-shaped sticker with white lettering that reads “Consume,” but again that’s just a guess.

A mystery no doubt, and truly unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Would love to know more about this and/or if anyone’s seen similar installations around Philly lately!

ICYMI: London-based Artist Paints Mural to Alain LeRoy Locke in The Gayborhood

April 6, 2019

Welcome to a long needed series to this blog: ICYMI (“In Case You Missed It”). Long story not-so-short, as many of you know this blog is run and managed by me, Conrad Benner, one human person. And while over the last year I have been trying to hire Eric Dale as much as I can to help me photograph and blog about more art, as well as to create our Philly Street Art Interviews series, my resources are generally speaking pretty slim. Notice there’s very few ads on this blog and on my Instagram. So, I have to pick and choose what I want to document and when. This blog is curated after all, so that’s fine. BUT more and more I’ve been noticing that there’s even more work around Philly that I love and just haven’t gotten the time to document as (or soon after) they are created. And because this blog namely works as a news-blog talking about new (or newer) installations that have gone up, once something is more than a few months old I have felt like I missed my opportunity to blog about it. But today and moving forward, I’m saying fuck that mindset, haha. When I have the free time, and especially now that it’s nice out again, I’m just going to run around and start to photograph and blog about things I’ve missed when they were new. And I’m just going to call this series ICYMI! (P.s. If you’re an advertiser or individual who likes the work we’re trying to do here and would like to support, please feel free to reach out, my contact info is at the top righthand side of this blog.) 

For today’s post we’re looking at some photos I took in January of a mural finished in October, 2018. (I actually Instagrammed about this mural in January as well, but never got around to building a blog post around it; alas, priorities shifted to focus on other work.) This mural was created by a London-based artist Ben Slow, who was visiting Philly, and it was paid for and supported by Mural Arts Philadelphia.

A tribute to Alain LeRoy Locke (1885-1954), the mural is located at Juniper and Cypress streets in the Gayborhood. The artist wrote the following on his Instagram about the mural: “Alain LeRoy Locke, a leading black intellectual during the early twentieth century and an important supporter of the Harlem Renaissance, was born in Philadelphia on September 13, 1885. Locke has been widely regarded as the originator of the New Negro Movement and the Harlem Renaissance. His main contribution to both movements was the promotion and emphasis on values, diversity, and race relations.” Read more…

Solar-powered Street Art in Queen Village

March 30, 2019

Words and photos by Streets Dept Contributor, Eric Dale

Installation and sticker artist D.T. just put up an elaborate new piece of abstract art at 6th and Bainbridge streets in Queen Village, complete with solar-powered LEDs that automatically turn on at night!

After Queen Village restaurant and bar Bainbridge Barrelhouse followed him on Instagram, the artist reached out to them to see if they were interested in having some of his work nearby. The owner replied that there was a pole right next door that would be a great place for one of his pieces. So D.T. got to work on something he had started building a while ago but never finished. “It sat in a box for a few months—it’s been around for a little bit,” said the artist.

The completed piece appears to be an eclectic assortment of personal items arranged in a display case. And that’s exactly what it is—after screwing it onto the pole, D.T. elaborated on some of the objects inside:

“The spikes are borrowed from a roof on 2nd Street in Fishtown; the dice are dice that I made valve caps out of, for my bike—I’ve still got like 100 of them; Jumping Jacks are my favorite firework; I love riding bikes; I love airplanes; when I played hockey for a little bit I wanted to be a goalie; the cord thing I took off the bus; the Euro Motor thing was given to me by another artist; I like foreign money; my sister gave me a whole set of old Star Wars pins; that’s a bike grip—half a bike grip anyway; and then my sticker, cause that was empty space. That’s pretty much it!”

Read more…

JOIN ME: 2nd Saturday Philly Art Walks

March 30, 2019

Welcome to Streets Dept’s 2nd Saturday Philly Art Walk, a new kind of guided tour that aims to explore the art around Philadelphia’s public spaces one neighborhood at a time. Each month, join us for a two-hour walk around different parts of the city in search of some of Philly’s most inspiring murals, street art, independent galleries, exciting exhibitions – and more! Each tour is hosted and led by’s founder Conrad Benner.

Get your tickets for one of our next tours now at the links below…

April 13 – Center City West
May 11 – Spring Arts/ Eraserhood
June 8 – Queen Village/ South Philly
July 13 – Fishtown
September 14 – South Broad
October 12 – Gayborhood
November 9 – West Philly/ University City

Hope to see y’all soon!

New Woodcut Sign Installation Reminds Fishtowners to Smile

March 30, 2019

The world is full of signs, which ones are guiding you?

Love this new little woodcut, stenciled smile sign by Typograff.e, located at Berks street and Frankford avenue in Fishtown!

On their Instagram, Typograff.e describes themselves as a, “Graphic Designer with a thing for hand lettering, typography, and street art.” While I’m not sure I’ve personally seen this artist’s work around Philly before, their IG does have nine posts going back nearly a year. So, I can only hope/expect that as the warmer days return and street artists start returning to the streets more frequently that I’ll see more of this artist’s woodcut sign work around town because, frankly, this made me smile and damn if we don’t need more of that. :)

P.s. I’m from Fishtown, like I grew up here (Holy Name/Adaire,) yet I’m not sure I’ve every heard or used the term “Fishtowners.” But that seems right, right?

UPDATE: Immediately after tweeting a link to this post, a person on Twitter responded with a sentiment that I think many others will share and may be something the artist might want to consider when creating new work. That person on Twitter is Toni McIntyre, someone I’ve been following for a while, and someone who often supports Streets Dept content and the artists I document. Within just 15 minutes of our tweets, Toni’s had a good number of people favoriting and retweeting hers. Clearly this is the way this installation is making some people feel, so I wanted to share Toni’s words since this sentiment was not reflected in my original write-up above: Read more…

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