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A Local Photographer Has Been Filling SEPTA’s El and Subway Stations with Art, Have You Noticed?

August 7, 2017

Absolutely freaking LOVE this! Have you seen any of these?

Over the last several months, a local Philly photographer has quietly been installing his artwork around SEPTA’s City Hall and 15th street subway stations in pre-existing and unused notification frames.

The photographer is Ryan Strand Greenberg, and the project is called Photography starting at $2.50. (Get it? That’s the price to ride the el/subway!) I had been noticing the series via Ryan’s Instagram for the last several weeks, but had yet to see one in person until yesterday, despite using those SEPTA stations quite often. I suspect that’s because many people like the photos and take them for themselves. And that’s part of the artist’s intent, which Ryan is super humbled and flattered by, he explained to me after I reached out to him via email for comment.

“I sort of think about this as a project where everyone pays the same (including myself) and they can interact with the work (or not) in the way that is suited to them, and if people feel compelled to take the work than they can. Surely some of the photos get taken down or are thrown away, some of them get taken by people, and some of them stay up for a while and people can see them.”

“I really think photography, more so than lots of other art forms, is so accessible because its so connected to reality. Its almost a universal language. I have never understood why it has to exist in a uniform context such as a gallery. A lot of my pictures are made in neighborhoods where these trains can take you. In a lot of cases the pictures are of people and places that are connected more so to the subway then to a gallery or museum. It just feels like a more genuine expression for the work I make… I think I put my photographs in City Hall station because it is a central transportation point for people heading to many different areas of the city.”

Ryan updates the various unused notification frames weekly, so keep your eyes out if you use these SEPTA stations regularly!

And SEPTA, if you’re reading, honestly you should pay Ryan and fellow Philly artists to fill your stations with art. Some cities have music on their subway platforms, why can’t Philly be the city with rotating local art on our subway platforms? Support the local art economy, y’all! (SEPTA, seriously email me, let’s talk.)

New Butter And Salmon Piece in Fishtown Pleads with Drivers to Slow Down

August 7, 2017

A new sockpuppet piece by Butter And Salmon at Norris street and Trenton avenue pleads with drivers in Fishtown to slow down.

Seriously though, as someone who walks a lot in Philly, it seems like way too many drivers are lead footed. Way too many drivers speed-roll into crosswalks and just stop there for a red light/stop sign. Don’t forget, you’re driving a lethal weapon, y’all, slow down a bit and respect crosswalks and pedestrians!

See previous works by Butter And Salmon here!

A Rainbow (Mural) Just Popped Up in South Philly

August 7, 2017

You may remember David Guinn as one of the pair of artist behind the Philly-mural-heard-round-the-world (literally,) the Electric Street mural. That, of course, in addition to the countless other murals he’s created around Philly over his career.

This week, David painted a quick little rainbow mural on Cross street in South Philly, adjacent to the intersection of 12th and Dickinson streets. I spotted the mural in-progress on David’s Instagram and made sure to stop by to see it over this weekend. So cute!


August 6, 2017

A fool for a president and no one is laughing… Not sure who created this wheatpaste located on 6th street between South and Bainbridge streets in Bella Vista, but I’m a fan of it. Partners with the Philadelphia Museum of Art for Philadelphia Assembled

August 4, 2017

So excited to announce this, y’all!

Over the next several months, I will be partnering with the Philadelphia Museum of Art to document and explore their Philadelphia Assembled exhibition, a project that joins art and civic engagement.

Philadelphia Assembled explores Philly’s changing landscape and tells a story of radical community building and active resistance. Challenging, inspiring, and as expansive as the city, Philadelphia Assembled asks: how can we collectively shape our futures?

The photos in this post are from a Philadelphia Assembled procession from May in North Philadelphia’s Tioga neighborhood that was led by community members advocating for the permanent lighting of the community’s many, currently unlit train underpasses. It is one of dozens of projects created with hundreds of collaborators from across the city.

I am partnering with the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Philadelphia Assembled to bring key moments of this timely and complex project to social media. And it all starts in about a week with a preview of the project’s Movement back to the Museum.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see everything and learn much, much more!

New NDA Mural in Spring Arts

August 1, 2017

In LOVE with this new mural by Philly-based street artist NDA at 10th and Brandywine streets in the Spring Arts neighborhood, commissioned by Mural Arts Philadelphia!

P.s. There are still a handful of tickets to my 2nd Saturday Street Art Tour of Spring Arts/the Eraserhood… Click here to get tickets now!

See pervious from NDA work around Philly here, here, here, and here!

Trans Lives Matter

July 26, 2017

Found this sticker at the Berks El Stop in Fishtown a number of weeks ago (it’s no longer there), but with Trump’s announcement today that trans people are now banned from serving in the military it unfortunately couldn’t be a more perfect day to post it.

Shout out to all the trans people in our military who put their lives on the line for this country. You deserve a better Commander-in-chief.

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