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Gotta catch ’em all! Nero’s installs Pokémon Go inspired wheatpaste in Center City

July 15, 2016

And you can find Nero‘s new paste at Sansom and Juniper streets in the Gayborhood!

Brad Carney Paints the Parkway with Mural Arts

July 14, 2016


Absolutely LOVE this!

Titled ‘Rhythm and Hues’, this new 25,000 square foot mural being painted at the Oval on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway was the winning design of Philadelphia-based artist Brad Carney.

When complete, the mural will act as the centerpiece of the Oval as its annual summer events series rolls out, bringing with it a mix of free movies, live music, kid-friendly activities, interactive games, a rotating lineup of food trucks, and a beer garden. A MUCH better use for the space in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art than a surface parking lot! Read more…

Yikes! Someone created a huge electric Trump sign in Port Richmond out of holiday lights

July 14, 2016


And I’m definitely referring to them as holiday lights because it will almost definitely piss off whoever put this up…

Ok, while this isn’t exactly surprising, it is deeply disappointing. This is, after all, the neighborhood that saw a pro-Cliven Bundy message erected in 2014. For anyone in need of a reminder: Cliven Bundy was the man who earned his notorious 15-minutes of 24-hour cable news network fame after he wondered openly on live TV whether black Americans (though he used different words) weren’t just better off as slaves. And, of course, there’s that home with the confederate flag painted on it as well. Although I suppose to be completely fair to Port Richmond, both those happened in what is technically called ‘Olde Richmond,’ on the edge of Port Richmond proper. This Trump sign, however, sits at Allegheny avenue and Salmon street on a busy roadway in the heart Port Richmond, next to an I-95 exit/onramp and around the corner from a Wawa.

This comes the same week Donald Trump takes a slight lead over Hillary Clinton in a new Quinnipiac University poll of likely Pennsylvania voters. Double yikes!

To all those who think that it’s really just the middle of our state that’s producing loud-and-proud Trump supporters, I’m sad to report that I don’t think it’s all that simple.

Philly for Sale?

July 13, 2016


It appears that some artist/activist has been using the ubiquitous “sale sticker” emblem to convey… something.

The top two photos of this post show a “free” wheatpaste on the former Finnegan’s Wake building at 3rd and Spring Garden, whose future is even more confusing than trying to understand why that bar lasted so long in the first place.

The “Anything” wheatpaste popped up at Thompson and Howard streets…

I really don’t know what to make, if anything, of these pastes, but if the artist or their friends are reading: please feel free to comment with some more context!

Update (7/13/16):
Thanks to a direct message on Instagram from a reader of this blog, it looks like this artist has an Instagram account, but alas it offers no suggestion of this series’ purpose or any underlying message.

BEAUTIFUL New Joe Boruchow Wheatpaste Behind Tattooed Mom’s in Queen Village

July 13, 2016


Just. This is just fucking fine art on the streets of Philadelphia… ALWAYS love what the (truly) legendary Joe Boruchow contributes. And I LOVE this!

And in case you might have forgot, here‘s what Joe had in this same spot before this paste.

If you’re someone who likes street art and you aren’t planning regular trips to Tattooed Mom‘s, I don’t know what you’re doing. While this back door has been pretty much the sole property of Joe B. for the last number of years (for VERY good reason), the upstairs at Mom’s is a living museum to modern Philly street art. Well, a museum you can drink in, which just might be my favorite kind.

Harleqvin Comments on New Developments in Queen Village

July 11, 2016


Titled, ‘The Roots Remain,’ Harleqvin‘s latest installation can be found on Bainbridge street, between 5th and 6th streets in Queen Village…

On his website, the artist says the following about this installation: “Luxury condos built upon a mass grave. Each brick piled high upon the backs of those below.”

Update (7/11/16):
This post was originally titled ‘Harleqvin Comments on Luxury Condos Being Built in Queen Village’, but I changed that wording to ‘New Development’ after Queen Village business owner and all-round awesome person Sara McCorriston, of Paradigm Gallery, commented on my Facebook post about this installation questioning if the development was in fact luxury condos. With all the luxury condo/home building taking place around the city right now, it’s pretty easy to assume any construction like this will bear more of the same.

After some digging, I found a few helpful articles on Naked Philly that show that Harleqvin’s installation appears to actually be in front of two separate development projects. One, condos by developer Haffey Homes on a former surface parking lot. The other, a 29-room boutique hotel with ground-floor retail by Zaken Realty Trust in a building that formerly housed the now closed John C Paul and Sons paper company, which had been selling paper goods and cleaning supplies for decades at that location.


More Harleqvin around Philly can be found here!

Sean Martorana’s BEAUTIFUL New Installation in Northern Liberties

July 11, 2016


I. LOVE. This!

Ok, so while I can’t 100% confirm that this is the work of artist Sean Martorana, I will say that if it isn’t him, Sean should sue ;)

Y’all can find this BRILLIANT new installation at an abandoned lot on 5th street, between Green and Wallace streets in Northern Liberties.

Update (7/11/16):
Yay! So pumped to confirm that this is in fact Philly-based artist Sean Martorana!


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