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Kid Hazo Paints HUGE, Cheeky Homage to Mural Arts Program Outside Honeygrow!

April 1, 2016


Happy April Fools’ Day, Philly!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of hanging out with Philly’s most joking street artist, none other than Kid Hazo, as he spent the day painting a HUGE, cheeky homage to Philly’s Mural Arts Program outside Philly-based Honeygrow‘s new headquarters in Fishtown (on Front street, between Columbia and Oxford)… So much Philly! <3

I, perhaps needless to say, LOVE this!

This is not only Kid’s second consecutive brilliant April Fools’ Day joke, after last year’s poop emoji outside PAFA. But also his latest in poking some playful fun at a Philly institution, like when he ticketed the PPA, or put this up on Drexel’s ‘Frat House Row,’ or posted these genius takes on those ubiquitous Visit Philly ads.

OMG I love this city!

UPDATE (4/2/16):

A joke within a joke, a Mural Arts within a Mural Arts parody… Surprise: this homage was in fact created by Kid Hazo WITH Mural Arts (and Honeygrow)!


In fact, Kid Hazo’s currently working with Mural Arts’ Art Education program to create yet another mural with the help of Philly students… More info on that soon!

And in possibly even greater news, Honeygrow plans to hire local artists, like Kid Hazo, to paint a number of the walls (both inside and out) of their new Fishtown headquarters! I’ll definitely be posting about that when it happens, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, here’s some additional behind-the-scenes photos from the creation of this Kid Hazo/ Mural Arts/ Honeygrow April Fools’ Day mural…


Miriam Singer’s Mural Unveiling at Elixr Coffee

April 1, 2016


Y’all: One of my favorite artists/human beings, Miriam Singer, is revealing her newest mural at Elixr Coffee on Saturday night at 8pm… Come!!

The 7 Best Places to Instagram in Philly

March 30, 2016


Visiting Philly for the first time and eager to explore? A lifelong Philadelphian (like me!) just looking for some photogenic spots around town to post up on Instagram? I’ve got you covered…

I recently put together this list of seven of my FAVORITE spots to Instagram in Philly for the DNC Host Committee’s blog, and I wanted to share it with y’all on here as well because I love it… Hope you enjoy!

#7 (Almost) Literally Any Street Without Parked Cars


Center City, Philadelphia is a goldmine for photographers looking to capture beautiful photos of old(e) streets and historic architecture, especially the many variations of our Philly-style rowhomes! We even have a hashtag that we use, #PhillyHomePortrait (originated by @austinxc04 and @billycress), to document them all.

So forget Elfreth’s alley, and check out: S. Quince street, S. Camac street, Waverly street, Cypress street, St. Joseph’s way, S. American street… Seriously, you’ll probably find good stuff down most any alley in Center City that isn’t littered with parked cars, particularly in the Society Hill-area.

#6 The Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk


You’ve probably heard of this one, but it’s a true masterpiece of modern urban design that’s helped Philly get a ton of national and international attention for how we’re transforming public spaces around the city. It is not to be missed.

No seriously, last year the New York Times called Philadelphia “an urban outdoor oasis”, highlighting this boardwalk in their write-up. Don’t’ miss it! Read more…

Please Excuse Me While Amberella Tugs at My Heart…

March 29, 2016


Amberella (aka Amber Lynn) is KILLING it lately with these heart installations… Heart (pun intended) them! <3

Follow Amberella on Instagram HERE.


New NDA All Around Town!

March 29, 2016


LOVE this new NDA ad-takeover at 17th and Girard in North Philly!

NDA has also installed this week, an awesome new mural outside The Pharmacy at 18th and Wharton in Point Breeze…


Check out some of NDA’s pervious work in the city HERE.

Old Broads at 22nd and Catharine

March 28, 2016


Old Broads bringing old lady local rock ‘n’ roll lover realness to 22nd and Catharine (wink) in South Philly!

Check out Old Broads past work around the city HERE.

New Pyramid Oracle at 2nd and Girard in Northern Liberties

March 27, 2016

Been nearly a year since Pyramid Oracle‘s been through Philly to put up new work, and I’m glad he’s back… LOVE his work!

Check out some of Pyramid Oracle’s pervious work in the city HERE.


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