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Awesome New Ephemeroh Pieces in Fishtown

November 17, 2016


LOVE these, Ephemeroh! Located at Front and Wildey streets, and Norris and Sepviva streets, respectively.

Ok, two other things that caught my eye on that Norris and Sepviva wall…


Not sure who did either of those, but the flower dumpster is quite beautiful to me, and I just love Steve Harvey, so.

Lastly, I absolutely LOVE this Septic piece above the wall!


The Divine Lorraine’s Lights Are Back On!

November 15, 2016


Seems like just yesterday I explored the formerly abandoned landmark for the first time!

Prints and Framing of Select Streets Dept Photos Now Available Through

November 14, 2016

SO EXCITED to announce that I’ve been selected to join a handful of the world’s most well-known photographers (including Tyson Wheatley, Pei Ketron, and Mike Ruiz!) to launch! is an incredible new photography-focused art selling platform that will now allow me to sell my work with museum quality prints and frames!

Check out my new store now by clicking HERE… And remember – the holidays are almost here if you’re looking to support an artist you know and get your loved ones a truly unique gift, just sayin! <3

Streets Dept and Mural Arts Present: Making Art Political – A Panel Discussion on Street Art and Advocacy

November 10, 2016


WELL, this could not be needed more right now…

Making Art Political: A Panel Discussion on Street Art and Advocacy
WHEN: Tuesday, November 15th (5:30-7:30pm)
WHERE: Painted Bride Art Center, Old City
TICKETS: $5, get them HERE! (Just literally to help us pay to rent the space.)

Over the last couple of months I’ve been planning a panel discussion with Mural Arts Philadelphia and three INCREDIBLE local artists who create art for the public space which encourages political discourse.

The panel is apart of the State of Young Philly 2016. State of Young Philly is an annual event series held in the fall that brings together over 50 organizations and 1,000 young professionals, elected officials, and organizational leaders to examine the current state of young Philadelphia and to ask what we can all do to improve our beloved city.

Please join us for a talk with Kara Springer, Joe Boruchow, and Ishknits THIS Tuesday! Panel will be moderated by Professor Julie Hawkins. Refreshments will be provided by Victory Brewing


Suffice it to say that none of us who’ve been working on planning or participating in this event hoped or expected this to be the atmosphere of our country right now, but I suppose it means this talk is even more needed now.


Aubrie Costello’s INCREDIBLE New Installation On A Delaware County Rail Bridge

November 7, 2016


AMAZING new silk graffiti installation by Aubrie Costello (with installation help by Eric Preisendanz)!

Installed on a rail bridge in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Aubrie’s piece calls for togetherness and was inspired by a popular Benjamin Franklin quote: “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

LOVE this… Thanks for inviting me along for the install, Aubrie!


Let Us Fix That Sign for You: Replacing Pro-Trump Signs with Anti-Trump Street Art in Philadelphia’s Suburbs

November 7, 2016


Spent today with Eric Preisendanz and Aubrie Costello installing Joe Boruchow‘s anti-Trump #PhiladelphiaGoddamn pieces in the suburbs of Philadelphia – removing at least one “Hillary for Prison” sign along the way – because this election is too damn important!

Y’all know I was a huge (sorry, YUGE) Bernie supporter in the Primaries. So much so I even helped to produce a 3-story Bernie Sanders mural at 22nd and Catherine streets. I (very seriously) considered voting for a 3rd party candidate right after the Primaries. However, since this summer and as we’ve moved closer to the election it’s become increasingly clear to me that a vote for Hillary is a vote for many of the things that I was fighting for with my support for Bernie in the Primaries.

Hillary will fight to (finally!) increase in our country’s Federal Minimum Wage. She’ll fight to make public college tuition-free for anyone who wants it. She’ll fight to protect women’s rights, to protect LGBTQ rights, to challenge systemic racism, and to dismantle the walls of bigotry that have been built up over this election. She’ll fight for a green energy future because climate change is fucking real. And she’ll fight to elect Supreme Court Justices who will overturn Citizens United and help make our democracy more democratic. The difference between Trump and Clinton is night and day, and each and every one of our votes is crucial.

If you’re a progressive like me, I encourage you to not feel defeated by this election but to see the opportunity in working with Hillary and more moderate Democrats to push this country in the right direction and steer it away from whatever the fuck a Trump Presidency would look like.

And, if you would be able to, I STRONGLY encourage y’all to join me in volunteering on Election Day with #PHL4HRC: you can sign up to do that HERE!


Ryan Psota’s Sidewalk Mural on Bainbridge Green is the Future of Public Art

November 6, 2016


As I recently wrote in my ‘Manufacturing Intent’ blog post“From clever ads created to convince you to purchase something to colorful murals created to elevate your mood, the butterfly effect is real and what we view affects our behaviors and state-of-mind. With this blog and my social media channels I hope to push that butterfly effect in the direction of positive change. To change the world, and my city, for the better. Because when art is everywhere – whether on your walk to work or in your Instagram feed – the mundane doesn’t stand a chance. And when people’s minds are excited, there’s no telling how much good can come from it.”

THIS is what art everywhere looks like, by the talented Ryan Psota on Bainbridge Green at 5th and Bainbridge streets… Impossible not to walk by and be inspired!

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