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Aubrie Costello Installs some Silk Graffiti above Spring Garden street

July 26, 2016


LOVE this!

“I Used to Love the View from Here.”

Located right outside the Truth to Power exhibition happening right now, on the soon-to-be Rail Park, Aubrie Costello has hung her latest Silk Graffiti piece on Spring Garden street between 9th and 10th… See a previous installation by Aubrie on South Street HERE!

Amberella “Can’t Even” with Donald J. Trump, Installs New Wheatpastes Around Philly

July 25, 2016

These separate pieces by ‪Joe Boruchow and ‪Amberella work PERFECTLY together…


In part to promote her being apart of Truth to Power, a three-day, counter-DNC pop-up art exhibition that’s taking place in Philly right now, and in part because she’s a boss who is ALWAYS putting work up, Amberella invited me yesterday to join her as she installed some new wheatpastes around Philadelphia!

In the first two photos above, Amberella comments on Joe Boruchow‘s lasted anti-Trump wheatpaste, titled ‘Nightmare’, with a trio of “I Can’t Even” pastes, something I think we’re all feeling right now. (See photos of Joe installing his latest, anti-Trump series HERE!)

IMG_8843IMG_8854 Read more…

Everything you need to know about Rock The Vote’s #TruthToPower exhibition, opening Monday!

July 23, 2016

Behind-the-scenes photos from Install Days 3, 4, and 5 (see photos from Install Days 1 & 2 HERE)…


One of two pieces Philly-based yarnbomber, Ishknits, is installing for the show: “This headline was found on a popular woman’s magazine. No part of a woman’s body has been left untouched by society’s incessant need to reduce our worth, authority, and attention to our bodies alone.”


Titled ‘Gun Country‘, this piece by sculpture artist Michael Murphy is best captured in video!

#TruthToPower is a large-scale art exhibition and event series presented by Rock the Vote, #Cut50, and The Rail Park that will pop-up in Philadelphia during the Democratic National Convention. The exhibition will include rooms of over 200 pieces of eye-popping and evocative art from some of the world’s most prolific artists (Shepard Fairey, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, Ron English, and Banksy to name a few) as well as some of Philly’s most talented artists (Ishknits, Brooks Bell, Amber Lynn, and more) addressing major social and political issues — including police brutality, gun violence, criminal justice reform, reproductive rights, and access to jobs and a living wage… Truth to Power is not only THE political event of this election season, but one of the biggest art events to happen in Philadelphia in (at least) a generation! And I’m not overstating that. Read more…

DAT ASS: Kid Hazo Pokes Fun at the DNC with New #AdTakeover

July 22, 2016

Also, with Americans facing the choice between two of the most disliked Presidential candidates in modern American history, Kid Hazo has rightfully decided to throw his hat in the ring and run for President… #Hazo2016, y’all!


In a (likely impossible) effort to keep these bus shelter Ad Takeovers up through the DNC next week, I will not say where these installations took place, and if you know please feel free not to comment or put it on blast.

So yes, not only is local street art king Kid Hazo running for President, but he’s having a little fun with the Democratic Delegates who should be streaming into town any day now for the Democratic National Convention, which kicks off Monday.

More photos from today’s installs below… Read more…

Welcome to ‘Truth To Power’, the GIGANTIC (Surprise!) Art Exhibition That Will Pop-Up in Philly During the DNC

July 21, 2016


Y’ALL: This is without a doubt one of the biggest art exhibitions to be hosted in Philly in (probably) decades, I honestly don’t even know what I could compare this to… And I’m SO honored, humbled, and exited to be a Media Partner for it!

Truth To Power is a (SURPRISE!) large-scale pop-up art exhibition, cultural convening, and community organizing event series that will take place in Philadelphia during the Democratic National Convention, July 25th-27th:

“Presented by Rock The Vote in partnership with #Cut50 and other national and community partners, The Truth to Power exhibition and event space is designed to elevate and illuminate the most pressing issues facing young people in the United States today — from ending mass incarceration and stopping police violence to providing access to jobs and a living wage, building a fair immigration system to protecting reproductive freedom, making higher education affordable and defending our right to vote. Together, we will lift our voices, identify solutions, assert our power and work together to claim our future — a world where we can all live with dignity, freedom and hope.”

The list of artists participating in this pop-up exhibition includes Ron English, Shepard Fairey, WK Interact, Faith47, Jeff Soto, and powerhouses with a local connection like, Aubrie Costello, Dewey Saunders, DistoArt, Gaia, Icy Signs, Ishknits, Michelle Ortiz, Nosego, Sean Lugo, and Tatyana Fazlalizadeh.

The works in the photos above are by Amber (Amberella) Lyn, Brooks Bell, Keisha Mrotek, Caroline Caldwell, and Drew Leshko!

In addition to the MASSIVE art exhibition, Truth To Power will also host over 25 hours of panel discussions and intimate conversations with compelling and talented artists, effective youth activists, community leaders, young elected officials, journalists, actors and actresses, spoken word poets, and theater and dance performers… More on that schedule will be available very soon here!

And I’ll be back later this week with even more updates and behind-the-scenes photos, but be sure to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat to get live updates!

UPDATE: Install Day 2!

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Donald Trump and Frank Rizzo Similarities Spark Trio of New Wheatpastes by Artist Joe Boruchow

July 19, 2016


These are AMAZING, and perfectly timed with this week’s Republican National Convention!

This morning, local street art legend, Joe Boruchow, installed three new wheapastes commenting a pair of American politicians who share a dangerous, divisive nature: the 2016 Republican nominee for President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, and the 1970s’ Mayor of Philadelphia, Frank L. Rizzo. (Hell, even the New York Times wrote about the similarities between these two.)

Joe’s titles for these three pieces speak for themselves: ‘Trump Shit Bigly’, ‘Nightmare’, and ‘Remove Rizzo’.

On the Rizzo piece specifically, Joe wrote the following on his blog…

“Let’s demote this ‘crumb bum‘ and remove his statue from the steps of Philadelphia’s Municipal Services Building. Frank Rizzo’s legacy of racial divisiveness and thuggery is no longer one that Philly should endorse. Like an effigy of an authoritarian dictator, the statue looms over our provincial politics and is a symbol of our dysfunction. Move him somewhere less prominent and let’s reserve our high profile public spaces for memorials of figures that all Philadelphians can be proud of.”

I should quickly note, Joe’s not the first Philly street artist to call into question why we have a statue honoring the most divisive mayor in Philadelphia’s modern history across the street from Philadelphia’s City Hall, Ishknits did as well in 2012.

More photos below! Read more…

Installing Silk Graffiti on South Street with Aubrie Costello

July 18, 2016


LOVE this… Ever heard of ‘silk graffiti’? If not, allow me to introduce you to Aubrie Costello!

Had the pleasure of spending some time with Philly-based textile artist, Aubrie Costello, today. Aubrie has been installing silk graffiti pieces all around Philly for (at least) the last couple of months now – maybe you’ve seen one!

Today, Aubrie installed two new pieces on South Street, between 15th and 16th streets, on either side of the historic Royal Theater. The first reading, “Baby, I’m doing this 4 us”, a sentence she recently heard a gentleman say to into his cellphone outside the Greyhound Bus Terminal at 10th and Filbert streets. The way the man said it, so sincerely, the artist says it just stuck with her. The second, a line from a Billie Holiday record, “Baby ain’t I good to u.”

While Aubrie does often use found (or overheard) quotes for her silk graffiti series, she also pens plenty of her own. Most, she says, deal with relationships.

More photos below!

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