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Taking Over @UniversityCity’s Instagram!

May 12, 2016


Join me over the next week as I take over University City’s Instagram to explore some INCREDIBLE spaces, some I had honestly never even heard of before… Follow along HERE!

PREVIEW: “Divine Lorraine Hotel Collection” Pop-Up Shop, Open TODAY ONLY!

May 11, 2016


N. Sheikh‘s brilliant “Divine Lorraine Hotel Collection” Pop-Up Shop is BACK… This time with all new pieces, like the “Divine Sports Club” line, alongside staple pieces from last year’s collection that sold out early. But, perhaps most importantly, to help alleviate the long wait in line that some people experienced last year, this year they’ve got new permits that allow even greater occupancy inside!

     When: 3:30-8pm, Wednesday, May 11th
     Where: Lobby of the Divine Lorraine, 699 North Broad Street

In addition to the apparel and housewares, the pop-up shop will also showcase the work of seven Philadelphia-based artists, including MECRO, Dessie Jackson, Dewey Saunders, Amber Lynn, Drew Leshko, Mike Whitson, and GERM!

MUCH more can be learned about this year’s “Divine Lorraine Hotel Collection” Pop-Up Shop HERE.

More photos below… Read more…

‘End Street Harassment’ in West Philly, A Flower Installation by Pussy Division

May 3, 2016


More ‘End Street Harassment’ flower installations by Pussy Division in Philly, this one spotted on Powelton avenue, between Lancaster avenue and 38th street, in West Philly!

You may remember this (now removed) one that was on South Broad street in Center City for a few days… LOVE these!

Awesome New Wheatpastes Under The El by Ephemeroh

May 3, 2016


LOVE these little pastes by relatively new (as far as I can tell) artist, Ephemeroh, on Front Street in Northern Liberties!

Creative Ideas for PHL: Let’s Hire Artists to Paint Our Bike Lanes!

April 27, 2016


(Photo via MTL Blog)

What if we employed artists and graffiti writers to paint Philly’s bike lanes?

Currently, Philadelphia is already paying to paint many of our bike lanes green, so why not use that money to make them even more eye catching!

According to this article on the MTL Blog, which I saw today on Facebook (shared by Marcus Ferreira), it looks like Montreal is thinking about doing just that, and I think Philly should borrow the idea.

And before people start freaking out, I’m not suggesting that we paint every bike lane. Just a handful around the city in key spots, like on The Parkway, along 13th street in the Gayborhood’s restaurant district, on Spring Garden in Northern Liberties… I mean, really any stretch of bike lane where the community wanted it! I’ve just named these spots in an effort to think of places with less residential homes and more businesses, etc., assuming some home owners would probably put up more of a fight against something like this.

What are some possible benefits and drawbacks to such an operation? Let’s explore…

-Philly continues to solidify itself as THE East Coast city for artists, as an innovative city, and a city that supports a 21st Century creative community/economy
-Tourism! In our Instagram and Snapchat centered world, you’ll now have every tourist in the city showing all their friends and loved ones just how cool and colorful the streets of Philly are on social media
-We’d be the first city in America (and only the second city in the world, behind Montreal if their proposals pan out) to have artist-painted bike lanes!

-The people who park in bike lanes will now also be ruining everyone’s Instagram photos in addition to forcing bikers to veer into traffic
-Literally can not think of another one

Ok, now does anyone know anyone at the other Streets Department? Let’s do this, Philly!

Creative Ideas for PHL, a new Streets Dept series exploring creative opportunities for the City of Philadelphia. Have a creative idea for Philly? Email me at StreetsDept[at]Gmail[dot]com!

New Work by Mike Smith in the Art Museum Area

April 25, 2016


Mike Smith (formerly of Nom Now) is back after nearly four years with this LOVEly new wheatpaste on 23rd, between Green and Fairmount, in the Art Museum Area!

Side note: Wait, are ‘Fairmount’ and ‘Art Museum Area’ synonymous, or are their actual boundaries? Please comment if you know :p

Either way, welcome back Mike!

Inside NYC’s Abandoned 1964 World’s Fair Pavilion

April 21, 2016


This past weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting Flushing-Corona Meadows Park in Queens, New York. A truly beautiful park filled with lovely people that none of these photographs document (aside from that first photo).

I went because 1) I had a free car, 2) I’m a 90s kid who immortalized the Men In Black franchise, among many other pop culture things, and 3) This particular scene from Men In Black II always had a strong hold on me.

The site of the 1939 and 1964 New York World’s Fair, the park was created from a former dumping ground – seriously though, take a few minutes to read the Wiki article on this park it’s fascinating!

Designed for that latter 1964 World’s Fair, the New York State Pavilion consists of three components: the “Tent of Tomorrow”, the Observation Towers, and “Theaterama”.

And while the Theaterama is now where the Queens Theatre resides, the rest is still unused and looks like this… Read more…


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