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Two Top: Jose Pistolas

January 20, 2011


Two Top is a new series that follows food blogger Andrea McGinty and I as we head to Philly food spots and write about what we got to eat. If it helps you to know, I’m a vegetarian, but Andrea’s not, like really not.

Our first goal? Eat at Mexican restaurants in all four corners of the city. And to start, we headed over to Jose Pistolas at 15th and Spruce streets in Center City. (Worry not though, we’re headed to  Northern Liberties and South Philly next.)

Come eat with us!! CLICK—>


If you asked me to describe my dream bar food it would sound a lot like these pickle chips. Salty, crunchy, spicy pickles, made in house, sliced, battered, and deep fried to a golden crisp. Served with aoli dipping sauce, enough said.

All of the tacos are served in a pair, each ingeniously double tortilla wrapped to spare a mess, and, in turn, some of your dignity. Slightly larger than bite-sized pieces of fresh ahi tuna are served atop a bright jicama, apple, and lemon slaw that brings a refreshing crunch while still allowing the flavor and quality of the tuna to shine. [Photo at top of post]


Tuna tacos are to the Portobellorrito as light, yet filling is to stuff your face and fill your belly. This veg treat comes packed with beefy portobello mushrooms and Tex Mex style cheese, rice, and beans. To anyone that thinks a burrito is hard to mess up, I had one at the Jersey Shore this summer (at an ice cream/burrito bar… red flag) filled with carrots and zucchini. Save yourself the trouble and try Jose’s.

That’s seriously the BEST veggie burrito I’ve ever had y’all. And I’ve had quite a few veggie burritos in my day.


Have you ever eaten at Jose Pistolas? Let us know what you think of the place, and tell us about your favorite dish. Leave a comment…

Words by Andrea McGinty

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  1. January 20, 2011 4:11 pm

    best veggie burrito EVER?! i am constantly disappointed by crappy veg burritos, so i’m feeling very, very excited about the prospect of a good one. and jose pistolas seems to have a decent beer selection, too. stoke-age in full effect!


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