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The Bomb Heard ‘Round the Internet

March 14, 2011

Picture 15Picture 11Newsweek

The success of the Ishknit’s yarn bomb post is so incredible, I thought I’d take a second to let you all know how completely blown away I am. Seriously, this blog is barely two months old and we’re far ahead of where I thought we could ever be by this point, and it’s due in large part to amazing artists like Jessie of Ishknits who create amazing street art in Philadelphia. I’m really just blown away right now.

So as of today, my yarn bombing photos have been posted on Newsweek, Laughing Squid, Trend Hunter, and Juxtapoz magazine among countless other blogs around the world. This is thanks to Wooster Collective who posted my photos last Thursday, and who are even using one of the photos in a 2012 calendar (more on that when it goes down.) Amazingly enough, the yarn bomb post is the most “liked” and “reTweeted” post on Wooster in their first 7 pages or so, second only to a Banksy post . . . That blows my mind.


Moreover, the attention the posts have received on Facebook and Twitter are astounding. Shared thousands and thousands of times, but most noteably buy some big names (who also happen to have HUGE followings) like, and Postsecret.

And to think, I was just hoping to get highlighted on one of City Paper’s “Curator” posts

Now, how the fuck do I get ads on here?…

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