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The Freelancer

May 22, 2011


So you may have noticed that I do a fair amount of freelance work for a few awesome blogs around Philly. Well today I realized that, unless you follow my Twitter and/or Facebook feeds religiously, you may miss some of the stuff that I do. Problem is, I like what I do. I like what I talk about. And I think you do too. (I mean, that’s why you’re even reading this right now, right?) Well, that’s where this comes in. Every Sunday I’ll post links to all the stories I do for other blogs that week on here. Now we can all stay updated together! And by the way, thanks for clicking on these links and reading my stories, your support is really helping me to become quite the little blogger.

This week’s freelance:

Philly school awarded nation’s first platinum level LEED certification <—CLICK

Blatstein denied plea to break 2nd and Girard lease with bankrupt Pathmark <—CLICK

Big expansion for Northern Liberties’ Brown Betty Desert Boutique <—CLICK

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