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Jackie Barry’s “Just leave it in front of the Kimmel Center”

June 18, 2011


A recent graduate of UArts, Jackie Barry (of the Ernie Hemingway pates fame) was left with the task of cleaning out her studio this week. One item however, didn’t quite make it back to her apartment. Deciding she wanted to get rid of it, Jackie choose to leave her large wheeled sculpture on Broad street, like her college education.

Is this street art? Probably not. I joking told Jackie that this is somewhere between yarn bombing and littering, but I like the photos a lot, and I think there’s something in here. Maybe you see it?

CLICK for more photos…


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  1. June 21, 2011 10:58 am

    I love this! I’m confused why you wouldn’t consider this street art. Its art… on the street, right? Its just interesting to me that you would segment out certain types of street art as not being “real”, like yarnbombing. I understand that yarnbombing is really popular right now and that might dilute the seriousness of it, but there are a lot of serious artists doing street art that extends far beyond spray paint and wheatpastes (including chalk, reverse graffiti, knitting, performance). Don’t be narrow minded :)

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