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Subway Token Art

June 21, 2011


Inspired by the tagged trains of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, a street artist by the name of Cake has decided to pay tribute to the art of tagging subways cars by releasing a few hundred “tagged” SEPTA tokens around Philadelphia. Cake emailed me this afternoon, explaining:

Writers can’t access the outsides of trains as easily anymore, so I began thinking about what we can access and realized that Philly is one of the only big cities in the United States to still employ the use of tokens. I’ve got a couple hundred [“tagged” SEPTA tokens] out there so far and have two more months left in your fair city, so I’m really hoping to fuck shit up.

While Cake is the name of a pretty prolific street artist in New York, I’m not 100% this is that Cake. Mostly because the email I received was not from the same address that Cake lists on her website. Also, this Cake claims to be the artist responsible for that “A woman was harassed here” stencil that I posted about in April. Aside from those things, NY Cake is known more for wheat pastes like this, not stencils.

Either way, I LOVE this idea, and I hope I find one myself soon… And if you find one, take a photo and send it to me!!

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