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Occupy Philly Votes to Move

November 19, 2011


Hey, so I tweeted about this Thursday night. Alex, Kristen, and I just happened to stumble upon City Hall right when Occupy Philly was voting on wether or not to move across the street, because they were being thrown out of Dilworth Plaza – they voted yes, by the way. And as you’ve probably heard by now, when they did move they were told they couldn’t camp there either. Last I heard, the Occupy Philly legal team was talking with the mayor and no new spot has been name, but please feel free to comment, if you know something more.

Anyway, getting to my point, I suppose these photos aren’t too relevant now, but I thought I’d post them anyway because, well, I was there, and I like them, and I keep finding myself impressed with the Occupy movement’s organization and sense of duty to the democratic process.

I was there for maybe only 15 minutes, but they voted on a number of issues. The vote to move itself took about 8 votes, including a vote to see if anyone wanted to vote a different way… Can you image if we could just vote to vote a different way? Bush would’ve never got a second term! Relax, I understand the vast difference between the two, but still, all craziness aside, it was a little weird (in the best way possible) to watch people’s voices be heard. You know? Like, all of their votes actually mattered. Anyway, I’m sure you won’t get that from these photos, but that’s what I got from being there.

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