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The Linc to See GIGANTIC “Bread & Circuses” Balloon Installation Next Monday

November 29, 2011

UPDATE: Unfortunately, after initially approving this artistic project, Lincoln Financial Field has just informed its creator/organizer Sarah Peoples that they’re canceling it. Sarah goes on to write in a Kickstarter update: “In an upsetting and unfortunate turn of events, I received a phone call this past Tuesday from the 68,000 seat professional football stadium in South Philadelphia, giving me notification that the permission to install Bread & Circuses has been rescinded.”

So this is exactly street art, but it’s a GIGANTIC installation at the Linc in South Philly, and on top of that it’s political, so, I’m completely in love with it.

Long story short, ‘Bread & Circuses‘ will be spelled out in balloons across two tiers of the Linc (kinda like that last photo there.) This is set to happen Monday, December 5th, and it’s the brain child of Sarah Peoples. Here’s a few words on the project from her husband who emailed me about it:

“The project is an exploration into the role of sports and violence in our contemporary culture, and she is using Ancient Roman gladiatorial games as the work’s conceptual origin. She plans to use 2,800 white helium balloons to spell out the words Bread & Circuses in the empty 68,000 seat stadium.”

The project received a bunch of momentum on Kickstater, where Sarah quickly raised the $2,300 she needed for balloons, helium tanks, lunch for a dozen or so helpers, and a small stipend for a videographer to document the day, and she even made a quick 7.5 second “ad” for the event that’s currently streaming at Market East station!!

Very cool project, can’t wait to see it when it’s up!

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