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Inspiring a Bit of Positivity on Philly’s Streets with Papercut Doilies and ‘MORELOVE’

February 10, 2012


(Photos by Carina Giamerese for Side Arts)

Love, love, LOVE this!!

Started seeing these papercut doilies all over town a few weeks ago, but never had my camera when I did. Then today, the guy behind these awesome wheatpastes, Tim Gibbon, emailed me about his new project.

Tim, who, by the way, never went to school for any kind of art, said his recent wheatpasting projects are in response to the violence and negativity that plagues Philly. An after-school program coordinate for kids in North Philly, Tim added, “With my doilies and ‘MORELOVE’ wheatpastes I’ve been trying to flip that and inspire a bit of positivity. Sometimes seeing something surprising and beautiful can change your whole perspective.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Thanks to Tim for sending me these photos… Please feel free to check out his blog HERE. And be sure to stop by his Fun A Day show, opening tonight, at Studio 34 on 45th street at Baltimore avenue.

Damn, I know I say, “I love this,” a lot — and I always mean it — but I really do LOOOVE this!!

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  1. February 10, 2012 7:55 pm

    this guy is awesome! I was just wondering who is behind the doilies. These two on girard go so great together:


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