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Someone’s Left Love Letters to Spring All Over Northern Liberties

May 31, 2012

(Photos from @psuitofhappyNIS)

To be fair, this was actually now about a week ago now, but I’ve had a busy week (read: I’ve been catching up on Downton Abbey [read: I’ve watched nearly 2 straight seasons of Downton Abbey in the course of 5 days]) and don’t pretend like you’ve never let something slip before.

Back to the poetry. Is this poetry? Or just some clever thoughts on Spring time in Philly? Either way, thanks to Nissa for tweeting me about finding these. I’m sure they’re all gone by now, but I wonder what the rest said. (Nissa said she counted no less than 10 on her way to work, but only snapped shots of the ones above.)

Good on you Philadelphia, I love little mysteries like this!!

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