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Awesome New Breaking Bad Stickers in South Philly

July 16, 2012

So, I’ve admittedly never seen Breaking Bad, although, from what I can surmise from my Facebook News Feed, it’s a pretty addictive show.

So addictive, in fact, it appears to have inspired at least one very imaginative fan to craft some pretty creative stickers (which, I imagine, resemble characters from the show) and stick them around South Philly. The two photos above were reported to be found in the vicinity of 7th and Carpenter streets, or somewhere around there, maybe you know.

Thanks to Lawrence Katre from sending me these photos, by the way!!

Funny, this reminds me a lot of the Boardwalk Empire installation found in South Philly last December, and even the Kim Kardashian sticker, also found in South Philly, from last January… Seems to me like we’ve got a South Philly street artists who’s a little obsessed with pop culture… Interesting!!

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