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Philly Dumpster Sculptures by Drew Leshko Are Blowing My Mind A Little

May 22, 2013

Damn Girl You Thick 3-4ECFU 3-4Tupac

(Photos by Pete Murray)

Love these little Philly dumpster sculptures by Drew Leshko! Seriously, I want all of them… I suppose I’m drawn to them because of their ridiculously on point likenesses to some of Philly’s more prevailing street art as of late. In fact, if you scroll through my blog here, I’m sure you will see most of the stickers/pastes above posted about within the last few pages. Nevertheless, I have a pretty specific aesthetic that I enjoy (obviously,) so I reached out to the artist himself to get his take on this series and his work in general:

“My work focuses mainly on documenting buildings in Philadelphia that are in transitional periods, but ultimately I’m interested in how historical importance is determined. The dumpsters originated as adornments to installations and functioned as a metaphor for our disposable culture. The dumpsters are certainly not focusing on street art, but the temporary nature of wheat pastes relate to the buildings I’m documenting. The dumpsters are are adorned with local street art and club promotions that I find interesting and worth documenting as I pass in throughout the city.”

If you like what you see and you happen to live in New Orleans (of all places,) then you’re in luck. Drew’s got some work in an exhibition opening on June 1st at the Jonathan Ferrara Gallery titled, “Philadelphia,” including the work of other local artists Alex Lukas, Erin Murray, Brian Richmond and Kim Alsbrooks… Nice!

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