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Exploring Ashley, PA’s Abandoned Coal Breaker

December 9, 2013


Tucked into the snow-filled mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania, the Huber Coal Breaker sits as a ghost-like reminder of the area’s industrial past.

Closed in the mid/late 1970s, Ashley, PA’s Huber Coal Breaker has loomed abandoned and increasingly disheveled in the otherwise quaint small town for nearly four decades. The inspiration for a number of websites, a Facebook page, and even what looks like a soon-to-be documentary, efforts to call attention to the old coal breaker have only seemed to increase in recent years.

As of last month, the Huber Coal Breaker and its surrounding land were bought by Philadelphia-based Paselo Logistics, LLC for $1.3 million. A deal which will likely bring the coal breaker “one step nearer to demolition,” and “see a portion of the property donated to support the miners’ memorial park,” according to Citizens’ Voice. No word yet on Paselo’s plans for the rest of the land.

Check out more photos of the abandoned breaker below, and at the accounts of some of my favorite fellow urbex Instagrammers: @sjoverland, @austinxc04, @appleinphilly, @xscruffx and @deadlyscissors.


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