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Rabble Rousers Brigade’s Satirical Take-down of Comcast “Surprisingly” Interrupted by Commercials

January 7, 2015

Meet the ‘Comcat’ that’s destroying Net Neutrality…


Absolutely love this!

People watching this past New Year’s Day Mummers Parade on TV saw an unfortunately short version of the Rabble Rousers Brigade‘s brilliant satirical jab at the almighty Comcast (which you can check out above.)

While they weren’t the only group to have their performance cut short for TV audiences, broken up by commercials of course, it is kind of funny that a group that was satirizing one multimedia empire’s unflinching zest for near-complete control of TV, the Internet, and our skyline find themselves being one of the unfortunate few groups to not fully make it to air. Leading me to wonder if this is just one of those Alanis Morissette-type “ironic” moments, or something more? Who knows.

Either way, you’re can watch the Rabble Rousers full performance HERE, that is unless Comcast is slowing your connection, in which case :/

Some more photos from the post-parade Two Street celebrations below, if you’re interested…



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