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Conrad Benner to be Featured Speaker at Philly Set Go’s Launch Party

January 21, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 1.17.51 AM

Hey y’all,

The 2015 mayoral election is going to be a HUGE one for Philly, and for anyone looking to create positive change in the city. So, over the course of this year I hope to use whatever voice I have to help draw attention to some issues I think we need our next mayor to address. And with that…

I’m INCREDIBLY proud and excited to announce that I will be the featured speaker at Philly Set Go‘s launch party on Tuesday, January 27th! Philly Set Go is a non-partisan political action committee aiming to empower more millennials to be politically active and to advocate for the issues that affect them.

Hope you’re able to come out: Get tickets HERE!

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