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Streets Dept Shop: Announcing the ‘Ishknits Collection’ of Limited-Edition Prints for April

April 3, 2015

El Close-Up

SO excited to announce today that the next collection of limited-edition prints available for purchase in the Streets Dept Shop reflects upon the work of Ishknits!

Ishknits will always have a very special place in my heart. She was really THE artist that pushed this blog – and my photography – from being a hobby to being a career…

After inviting me to photograph her yarnbombing of the Market-Frankford El in 2011, her work (and my photography) ended up being published ALLLL over the damn place. We were published in Time Magazine, the Encyclopedia Britannica, and countless other outlets. Esty tweeted about the installation. We were even interviewed by “Good Day Sacramento.” It was really a whirlwind for me. And Ishknits instantly became a nationally-known artist putting her work up all across the country. Of course, her Philly pieces are my favorite.

For the next month, Ishknits and I are partnering to offer prints of 5 of my favorite photos of her work (in two sizes) – 15% of ALL sales will go right to the artist Ishknits herself… CLICK HERE to shop the prints!

And as always, thank you so much for your support!

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