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Could A City-Wide Art Installation on Election Day Inspire Philadelphians to Vote?

June 2, 2015

Next Stop: Democracy!” is Looking for Philly Artists to Create 50+ Sign Installations for Election Day, November 3rd!

NSD Submit

Hey guys,

As you may have heard me mention on social, I’m really, really excited to say that over the next handful of months leading to Election Day (November 3rd) I will be working with Next Stop: Democracy!

Next Stop: Democracy! is a new, Philly-based voter engagement project that aims to generate a greater sense of excitement for voting through a city-wide art installation that reminds and directs Philadelphians where to cast their ballot.

Right now, Philly has a dismally low voter turnout. Just 27% of registered voters went to the polls this last election. That’s down from 34% in our last mayoral election.

As someone who sees local civic engagement as the key to opening the door to the future Philadelphia (like a Philadelphia with more late night public transportation options), this low voter turnout is so disappointing. BUT, I’m more than confident that we can address it!

The way I see it: Just like artists put their work on abandoned buildings around Philly, we’re going to work with artists to put work up on the (seemingly) abandoned Election Day.

How am I helping? I’m going to bring my love for artists, for civic engagement, and for documenting amazing things happening around Philly. I’ll be running Next Stop: Democracy‘s social media channels, which I strongly encourage you to follow – links HERE: FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

I’ll also be helping them to identify to 50+ artists we’ll be hiring to create our signs! And on that note…

If you’re interesting in being one of the artists we work with, click HERE and submit your sign idea by Friday, June 19thAll 25 winning artists will receive $250 to help them create their sign, as well as that warm feeling civic engagement naturally provides! (Not to mention lots of love on social media from me.)

If you’re not an artist but still interested in bringing attention to this project, PLEASE do talk about it on your social media channels using the hashtag #VoteNov3rd… We’re looking to make a big splash this next Election Day, and we need all the best and brightest in Philadelphia to help us!

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