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Donate to “Next Stop: Democracy!” Today, And Help Us Hire Philly Makers for An Election Day Pop-Up Art Installation

July 7, 2015


As I’ve mentioned before, over the last few months and leading to November 3rd, I am working with Here’s My Chance on a voter engagement project called ‘Next Stop: Democracy!‘ which will be hiring 60 artists to create 60 “Vote Here” signs to be installed as a pop-up art installation at polling stations around Philly this coming Election Day.

So far, we’ve got the right team, we’ve got the initial Knight Foundation support, and we’re getting more and more amazing artists each day (including folks like NoseGo, Ishknits, Gaia, and Isaiah Zagar), but there’s still one thing we need your help with…

To truly do this right and to honor our artists and Philly voters alike, we want to offer our artists locally made, reliable, and durable signs to work on. Signs that are more than signs. Signs that are canvases.

To do this, we could hire Darla from the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym. She’s ready to build us sign frames that will be functional and beautiful, but these high-quality wooden signs cost more than the cheap, mass-produced plastic ones we’d have to order otherwise, SO we’re asking for your help!

In a little more than 24 hours, our Kickstarter has raised nearly 4k of its 15k goal, and was just named a Kickstarter Staff Pick!

I hope you can take a second to CLICK HERE and watch our video, then consider donating… I think you’ll like a lot of the incentives too!

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