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Rooftop View of JR Installing A BEAUTIFUL New Piece for Mural Arts’ Open Source: A Portrait of Ibrahim

July 23, 2015


Next time you walk down Chestnut street, between 15th and 16th streets look up to discover this FANTASTIC new piece – currently being installed – by internationally renowned French artist JR.

The installation is the 2nd of Mural Arts’ Open Source project, which will work with a total of 14 leading contemporary artists over the next several months to create a groundbreaking outdoor exhibition across the city of Philadelphia, culminating in October. (Check out my photos of the 1st Open Source installation, a skate-able sculpture by Jonathan Monk at Pain’s Park, HERE.)

JR’s installation, called “Migrants, Ibrahim, Mingora-Philadelphia,” is a portrait of Ibrahim, a Philadelphia resident who immigrated here from Pakistan. The piece continues JR’s exploration of immigration, and is meant to highlight the millions of anonymous immigrants who leave everything behind for a chance at a better life in this country.

Absolutely LOVE this! Can’t wait to see it finished… And yes, if you were wonder as I was, the hands will wrap around the side of the building. And to install that, someone (probably not JR himself, I would guess) will be repelling by themselves down the other side.

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