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Inside The Fillmore Philly, Formerly the Ajax Metal Company Building

September 9, 2015


Got a little tour of the new Fillmore Philly last week, which some of you may remember as the former Ajax Metal Company Building that Guest Photographer, LightFoot, explored in its abandoned state early last year (see those photos again HERE!)

As seems to be a bit of a trend as of late, the Fillmore has chosen to leave much of the building’s graffiti, protecting it even with a layer of clear coating, and hiring (at least one, so far) artist to create a mural on one of the gates outside. That mural is by Ben Eine, by the way, who was in town to work on some pieces for Mural Arts this past June. (You may remember that the Eraserhood’s Goldtex Building did a similar thing saving a few small walls of original graffiti and hiring Steve Powers to do murals throughout the building.)

The Fillmore Philly will open on October 1st with a sold-out show for Hall & Oates (naturally!) Excited to see if the Fillmore continues to hire artists to do work inside and outside the building!

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