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Ryan Psota Creates #HahaxPara Box Mural on South Street

December 17, 2015


Ryan Psota, yesterday, joined a growing list of artists creating box murals for the INCREDIBLE, going on three-year-strong #HahaxPara community arts program!

In case you forgot: #HahaxPara is a home-grown, community arts program built by HAHA Magazine and Paradigm Gallery + Studio that hires the talents of artists from Philadelphia and around the world to create art for the public space right here in Philly! To-date, those artists include the likes of: Summayya Jillani, My Dog Sighs, Sophie Roach, Kelly Kozma, Calo Buscanigua, Paige Smith, and Kid Hazo, to name a few. And yesterday, Ryan Psota was added to this list!

Check out Ryan Psota’s completed #HahaxPara mural at the intersection of 7th and South streets in Bella Vista!

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