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#StreetsDeptTurns5: Announcing the Artists!

January 7, 2016

NDANoseGoSD_FB_banner_web-2Kid HazoCERAOld BroadsBinesJoe BoruchowHarlequinadeAmberella

SO excited today to officially announce the 10 AMAZING artists participating in #StreetsDeptTurns5 at Paradigm Gallery on January 22 (if you haven’t already surmised from the photos above)…

The 10 artists will be . . . drumroll pleaseNosegoKid HazoOld BroadsIshknitsJoe BoruchowBinesHarlequinadeCERAAmberella, and NDA!

Learn more about the show at Paradigm’s website HERE. Be sure to RSVP/share the event on Facebook HERE. And after the opening, follow us all to the 2nd floor of Tattooed Mom (530 South Street, after 10pm) for a few post-show drinks and celebrations!

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