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??? New Wheatpaste Pops Up in Kensington

February 8, 2016


Anyone got a clue who/what this is/is for? I’m not really sure.

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  1. Keith permalink
    February 9, 2016 12:10 am

    Ronnie the limo driver!! From the Howard Stern Show!!!

  2. amberellagallery permalink
    February 9, 2016 12:12 am

    Bruce Reinfeld

  3. Pamela Rainey Lawler permalink
    February 9, 2016 10:13 am

    Neil Stein

  4. Beavis permalink
    April 6, 2016 12:49 pm

    It’s flat Ronnie! He’s Howard Stern’s limo driver/head of security.

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