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Love Park Redux: The Brief Return of Philly’s Most Iconic Park!

February 21, 2016


Y’all, I can not figure this out… Today, over the course of about an hour and a half, I watched dozens upon dozens of skaters skate, dozens upon dozens of tourists take photos, and dozens upon dozens of Philadelphians lounge about watching it all; everyone in good spirits, the positive energy and excitement completely contagious. Yet, within a matter of weeks, all this will be gone. Torn down and rebuilt in the hopes of creating a public space that might attract the very same sort of enthusiastic crowd.

In a very similar vein to my thoughts on protecting Graffiti Pier from development that completely ignores how the community actually uses it, it makes no sense to me what we’re doing with Love Park.

The park is not only an icon to many around the world, but clearly loved and used by countless Philadelphians just as it was before, and as it was today.

I can only imagine that cities around the world would kill to have one of their public spaces so beloved… Am I being too nostalgic? What am I not getting? Someone please help me understand…


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