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Harleqvin Comments on New Developments in Queen Village

July 11, 2016


Titled, ‘The Roots Remain,’ Harleqvin‘s latest installation can be found on Bainbridge street, between 5th and 6th streets in Queen Village…

On his website, the artist says the following about this installation: “Luxury condos built upon a mass grave. Each brick piled high upon the backs of those below.”

Update (7/11/16):
This post was originally titled ‘Harleqvin Comments on Luxury Condos Being Built in Queen Village’, but I changed that wording to ‘New Development’ after Queen Village business owner and all-round awesome person Sara McCorriston, of Paradigm Gallery, commented on my Facebook post about this installation questioning if the development was in fact luxury condos. With all the luxury condo/home building taking place around the city right now, it’s pretty easy to assume any construction like this will bear more of the same.

After some digging, I found a few helpful articles on Naked Philly that show that Harleqvin’s installation appears to actually be in front of two separate development projects. One, condos by developer Haffey Homes on a former surface parking lot. The other, a 29-room boutique hotel with ground-floor retail by Zaken Realty Trust in a building that formerly housed the now closed John C Paul and Sons paper company, which had been selling paper goods and cleaning supplies for decades at that location.


More Harleqvin around Philly can be found here!

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