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Philly for Sale?

July 13, 2016


It appears that some artist/activist has been using the ubiquitous “sale sticker” emblem to convey… something.

The top two photos of this post show a “free” wheatpaste on the former Finnegan’s Wake building at 3rd and Spring Garden, whose future is even more confusing than trying to understand why that bar lasted so long in the first place.

The “Anything” wheatpaste popped up at Thompson and Howard streets…

I really don’t know what to make, if anything, of these pastes, but if the artist or their friends are reading: please feel free to comment with some more context!

Update (7/13/16):
Thanks to a direct message on Instagram from a reader of this blog, it looks like this artist has an Instagram account, but alas it offers no suggestion of this series’ purpose or any underlying message.

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