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AMAZING: Artist Patrick Jacobs Transforms A 4-Story Building in Center City into a Lush Meadow

August 14, 2016


Dear building owners/developers: THIS is why more of y’all should be hiring artists!

This new public art installation by artist Patrick Jacobs with The West Collection is perhaps the best thing to happen to 16th street in Center City since, I don’t know, Dan Dan opened? Point is, I freaking LOVE it!

Patrick is a Brooklyn-based artist who makes surrealistic, miniature sculptures that you view from a tiny round glass lens. And for this, his latest installation, located at 16th and Chancellor streets (one block south of Walnut street), Patrick has teamed up with The West Collection, whose goal according to their website is to “share challenging and inventive work of emerging artists with the public.”

Other than that, I can’t find anything else about this installation online, so if you know more please feel free to comment or email me!


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