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Join Me for a Walking Tour of the New Spring Arts Mural District

September 19, 2016


WHAT: A guided walking tour of the new Spring Arts Mural District with me, Conrad Benner
WHEN: Saturday, October 8th (4-5PM)
TICKETS: $5, can be purchased here!

The Spring Arts Mural District, a collaboration with Arts & Crafts Holdings, will be Mural Arts first-ever rotating outdoor gallery. When completed later this month, Spring Arts will be home to Philadelphia’s most concentrated collection of murals. All well within walking distance to one another. And all easy-to-view as they’re painted on the ground floor.

Y’all: I really, really like this project. So much so that you may remember that I took over Mural Arts’ Instagram Stories a few weekends back to talk about the project more in depth, explore some of the murals already in-progress, and meet a few of the artists.

This week, I’m thrilled to announce that I’m partnering with Mural Arts to offer a guided walking tour of the new Spring Arts Mural District in celebration of its completion and (not so coincidentally) Mural Arts Month.

For this, its first iteration, the Spring Arts Mural District will feature temporary murals by: Matt Moore, Kid Hazo, Ryan Beck, Miriam Singer, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Hawk Krall, and Martha Rich!

On the tour, we’ll check out this awesome collection of new murals, and end at a special exhibition that highlights all these artists’ creative portfolios…



The photos in this post show the murals of Ryan Beck, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, and Miriam Singer (in that order)!

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