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HAHA x Paradigm Install ‘Pothole Mosaics’ Around Philly with Artist Jim Bachor

September 21, 2016


Oh my God, I LOVE this! Yet another amazing installation in the Bella Vista/ Queen Village neighborhood by HAHA x Paradigm!

So how did these artistic replies to our underfunded infrastructure come about? According to HAHA x Paradigm’s blog:

“3 years ago, Chicago-based mosaic artist, Jim Bachor got tired of his city’s pothole problem and started installing his beautiful mosaics in them, making them more than just axle savers. 3 successful Kickstarter’s in, and he’s become well-known nationally for these outdoor art installations. He’s hit Chicago’s list of the city’s greatest public art.”

Of course, Philly’s home to more than a few potholes as well. So, HAHA x Paradigm decided to invite Jim to Philly to install three Pothole Mosaics around town!

Locations to all three of Jim’s installations – as well as the locations to all of the wildly popular, three-year-strong collection of other HAHA x Paradigm murals and installations – can be found HERE!


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