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Streets Dept to Speak About Transparency at CreativeMornings Philadelphia

October 10, 2016


SO excited to be this month’s CreativeMornings Philadelphia speaker!

Join me Friday morning y’all – tickets are free but space is limited, register HERE!

This month’s theme is Transparency:

Transparency built Streets Dept, and today it’s paying my rent. Conrad Benner is the Founder and Editor of, a photo-blog about street art, graffiti, and urban exploration. In his talk he’ll discuss the challenges of documenting and celebrating an illegal art form, how keeping an honest dialog with his readers helped him to grow his blog and social media platforms to become one of the most followed individuals in Philadelphia, and how working openly with advertisers allowed him to turn his labor of love into a career. (Full disclosure: it’s a story of listening and learning, of late nights with white wine returning emails at 1am, and of committing himself to the practice of transparency.)

Hope to see y’all out!


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