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Ishknits’ Brilliant Essay for WHYY’s Newsworks: ‘Lack of justice compounds pain and shame of abuse’

October 28, 2016

“…This reality helped inspire me to create the piece ‘Your Need to Feel Powerful Over my Small Body.’ Beyond the layers of shame, guilt, and disgust that abuse leaves weighing heavily on every inch of my skin, the lack of justice leaves me feeling haunted forever.” –ishknits

Perhaps the biggest goal with #PhiladelphiaGoddamn was to encourage conversation and inspire empathy and greater understanding… And after visiting our opening two weeks ago, WHYY’s Newsworks felt inspired enough to invite any/all of our artists to expand upon the themes, inspirations, and issues that their work(s) address.

Today, ishknits shares her story: Please click HERE to read.

Seriously could not be more proud of this show; of the amazingly talented, driven, and passionate artists we got to be apart of it; and of the incredible reception it’s gotten over the last few weeks. Goddamn, Philadelphia I love you <3

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