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PHOTOS: #AmICutOut? Installation to End Youth Homelessness in Philly

October 29, 2016


Click HERE now to donate and help end youth homelessness in Philly!


That’s the number of homeless youth that had to be turned away last year from Covenant House Pennsylvania, Philadelphia’s only shelter that specially serves 18- to 21-year-olds, due to lack of beds and resources.

#AmICutOut? was a one-day pop-up art installation in Dilworth Park last Thursday, October 20th that I helped to plan/organize with Covenant House Pennsylvania to raise awareness of this need, and to encourage donations so that Covenant House Pennsylvania can expand their facilities and help more kids.

THANK YOU to everyone who came out to learn more and help bring attention to this devastating, yet solvable problem. #AmICutOut was a brilliant example of how so many different people in our city can come together to rally around one important cause.

Special thanks to the Instagrammers/artists who came out in support, including: @PhillyLoveNotes, @PhillyChitChat, @BillyCress, @mrErikSchut, @illadelphia, @Mark.Hylton, @ChucksEye, @PssyDivision, @xoAubrieCostello, @Robs10kFriends, @HalfPasttrey@Con_Tammy_Nated@LifeAccordingToSteph, @AliciaRoseMoore, @Hannahgit, @mctuttleman, @Samemory, @PhillyStory, @Jolenetaber, @Photolope, @PhillyUnknown, and the many, many more!

Now: PLEASE consider taking two seconds to CLICK HERE and make whatever size donation you can. Every little bit really does help!


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