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Did you know that Philadelphia will have art at EVERY. SINGLE. polling location on Nov 8th?!

November 4, 2016


City Commissioners Lisa Deeley and Al Schmidt packing our artist-created “Vote Here/Aqui” posters into Philadelphia’s official voting boxes!

Philadelphia is leading the charge in creating a New Look for Election Day!

Next Stop: Democracy (aka ‘NSD’) is back for our third consecutive Election Day and I’m so excited to tell y’all that we’re now bigger than ever! This year we’ll have artist-created “Vote Here/Aqui” posters and/or A-frame signs at each and EVERY polling location in Philadelphia.

Can public art increase voter engagement? Can creative signage transform Election Day from something mundane into something more fun? We vote yes!

Next Stop: Democracy! seeks to improve civic spaces by creating and distributing signage made by local artists that clearly shows voters where their polling places are located. Our project seeks to infuse polling places with a feeling of energy, excitement, and joy.

For this iteration of NSD, we’ve partnered with the Philadelphia City Commissioners Office to offer newly created NSD posters to EVERY. SINGLE. Philadelphia polling location this coming Election Day, November 8th.

With funding from the Citizen University ‘Joy Of Voting’ initiative, our 60 “Vote Here/Aqui” artist-created A-frame signs from the previous two elections will be joined by fabulous new posters created by three incredible Philadelphia-based artists: Amberella, Nate Harris, and Monica O!

Here’s a little sneak peek of the new posters:


Be sure to Instagram and tweet about our posters when you see them on Election Day! Tag and hashtag us at: @NSDemocracy #VoteNov8th #JoyOfVoting… We’ll be re-gramming and retweeting your photos all day!

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