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#CollectiveActionPHL Breaks Its $20k Fundraising Goal for 10 Social Justice Organizations in Less Than 3 Hours!

January 16, 2017


Holy shit we did it!

After just 7 weeks of planning and thanks to the generous donations of 161 INCREDIBLE artists, Collective Action welcomed 1,068 people on Saturday night. And over the course of just 3 hours we broke our fundraising goal of $20k by THOUSANDS of more dollars to raise a total of just about $23,250* for 10 social justice organizations that will be on the front lines during the Trump administration.

*This is a confident estimate, but may change slightly as transactions and other things finalize in the coming days.

In fact, here’s the moment we realized we exceeded our $20k goal…

My co-organizers Grace Ahn, Jacob Klensin, Brooke Di Leone, Daniel Levine, and I literally can not thank you enough, Philly. THANK YOU! And thank you to our more than two dozen volunteers (some pictured below), as well as our DJ Chris Ward and the designer who created our logo/branding Nijel Taylor, all of who we could not have done this without! We were all just people ready to do something proactive and positive in light of the election of Donald Trump and the increasingly dangerous, self-serving people he has brought into his administration.

More than raising money, last night for us was about meeting other Philadelphians from diverse communities who share a passion to build a better, more inclusive society. While the election of Trump was certainly a step back in almost every imaginable way, last night I hope was one of many collective steps forward.

And if you’re still reading this and would like to contribute, we are still excepting donations HERE!

We will be sure to do a follow up post in the coming weeks to be as transparent as possible about our final donation amounts and documenting those donations making it to the 10 organizations we listed. But I just wanted to get a quick thank you post up because damn Philadelphia, YOU CAME THROUGH! <3


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