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“To The Loners”, Gigantic Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear ‘Installation’ Pops Up in Northern Liberties with A Simple Message

February 15, 2017


A lovely message “to the loners” and “for the dreamers” popped up yesterday, Valentine’s Day, addressed from “the loneliest” at 2nd street and Girard avenue in Northern Liberties asking simply: “Make the world creative.”

This message was distributed via a gigantic teddy bear. The artist, who goes by the name Double V, describes themselves as a “street visionary/urban superhero” in their Instagram bio.

In the eight or so minutes it took me to photograph this piece, nearly everyone who passed it stopped and/or looked at it. Something not totally common for a typical piece of art in the public space, so bravo to its creator!

I can’t put my finger on it exactly. Whether it was its unique delivery, or perhaps just the messaging. But whatever the reason I find myself really loving this piece! And I’m now very curious to see what Double V will do next.


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