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Street Artists Amberella and Ephemeroh brilliantly use the crumbling remains of the old Rocket Cat Cafe in Fishtown as canvas

March 9, 2017

The title of this post kind of says it all; put simply I love these installations by street artists Amberella and Ephemeroh!

That said, I do have three other quick things to say about these artists/this spot:

1) Amberella and Ephemeroh, y’all should seriously collaborate on something soon! Your work sits so nicely together.

2) The Rocket Cat Cafe is not closed forever, but simply amid some major renovations. So fret not, if you’re a Rocket Cat lover!

3) The former Swoon mural that was put up on the side of the Rocket Cat Cafe just about a year and a half ago was not originally supposed to be removed for this renovation. But alas, the building was in worse shape than Rocket Cat’s owners originally thought, and it had to come down. Pieces of the Swoon mural, however, were soon seen for sale online by Philadelphia Salvage Company. This was done without Swoon’s permission. And according to Billy Penn, the owners of Rocket Cat didn’t know either. For their part, Philadelphia Salvage says they tried to reach out to the artist, but didn’t hear back from her. Here’s my two cents: that’s not a good enough excuse. You don’t sell an artist’s work (or pieces of an artist’s work) without their express permission. It’s pretty simple, “common sense” as my dad might say. Now never do it again, Philadelphia Salvage!

Click their names to see more work around Philly by Amberella and Ephemeroh!

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  1. Jaime permalink
    March 10, 2017 8:34 am

    Yea i found it weird and odd to see the bricks for sale at philly salvage.

    Doesn’t feel right, maybe philly salvage can take those earnings and donate to the arts or a worthy cause, or Ben back to Swoon.


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