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Kid Hazo Forges New Industry from Philly’s Yellow Snow Boom

March 15, 2017

New work by Philly’s preeminent parody street artist, Kid Hazo, today playfully calls attention to the fact that literally every street in Philadelphia turns into a yellow snow minefield for all the days following a snowstorm until the snow melts… Prove me wrong.

Seriously though, does everyone in Philly have a dog? Also, why don’t dogs drink enough water to make their pee less day-after-heavy-drinking looking? And, wait – does this mean there’s always this much dog pee in the streets but we’re only witness to its general magnitude after a snowstorm?!

In point of fact, I love dogs. I proudly call myself a ‘dog person’, when asked. And as a dog loving person I actually don’t really care about all the dog pee, I’m just glad they’ve found something that’s made them happy.

Kid Hazo’s Ruff Life Café, which as you might have noticed in the photos above encouraged dogs to “BYOP (bring your own pee)” was temporary installed outside The Pet Snobs Boutique on 4th at South Street for just a few hours this afternoon. But perhaps if you ask Hazo and Pet Snobs nicely on Instagram they might bring it back.

See more of Kid Hazo’s work around Philly here!

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