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Kid Hazo Installs a Series of Playful Ad-Takeovers Around Philly for April Fools Day

April 1, 2017


For the 3rd consecutive year, Philly’s premier parody street artist Kid Hazo has created an inspired installation – or in this year’s case, a series of installations – to honor this oh-so-holy of hoaxing holidays.

Over the course of roughly two hours this morning, Hazo installed a series of playful ad-takeovers around Center City, on or around some of Philly’s more walked shopping streets. (To help prevent their removal I’ll not name the locations of any of these installations, but if you’re interested in grabbing photos of them yourself and you know Philly it should be pretty easy to tell where they are from these photos!)

More photos from this morning’s installations below…

Click the years to Kid Hazo’s April Fools installations from 2016 and 2015. And click here to see more ad-takever from Philly street artists!

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