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New Work by YOMI (and Collaborators) All Around Kensington

April 9, 2017

Always love new work by Philly-based street artist YOMI!

And today, we’ve got new work by YOMI in the photographs above that’s been created in collaboration with fellow local street artists: INDECLINEthe ‘Ignorance’ wheatepaste, and SNODthe ‘Flint’ wheatepaste!

If you don’t know about YOMI by now, you absolutely should. As he writes about himself on his website’s bio page: “Born in Haskovo, YOMI is a Bulgarian artist who was influenced while growing up by Communist Propaganda posters, political graffiti, and environmental issues. His work often features social and political commentaries on human nature and how we, as a society, deal with every day challenges of life and death, peace and war, environmental catastrophes – cultural globalization.”

The work photographed below was created by YOMI alone, including his ‘Supreme Command Executive Orders’ wheatepaste, which as he explained to me in a text is a mockery of President Trump’s policies, social media behavior, and appointees.

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